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YouTubers urged to abide by code of conduct

KATHMANDU: The Online Television Journalists’ Association has urged the YouTubers and online television workers to strictly abide by Journalists’ Code of Conduct-2073.

The Association made such requests in the wake of the interviews some online television workers took with the proprietor of a child care center, Pushpa Adhikari. The media fraternity showed concern over the way the interview was taken- it flouted the code. Issuing a press release, Association’s General Secretary Raju Subedi informed that a new code of conduct for online television journalism was being formulated. Till the introduction of its own code, the YouTubers are suggested to follow the Journalists’ Code of Conduct-2073.

The YouTubers are further made aware to fulfil the social responsibility. The Association further complained that media laws have lacked the provision on new media, and a favorable environment for the new media workers was yet to be friendly. The Online Television Journalists’ Association is a registered organization after the first fathering of online television workers last February.

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