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Youths Protest Over the Goverment ineptness dealing with COVID-19 Pandemic

Youths protest demanding expansion of PCR tests and zero unsafe quarantines in Nepal. Photo: Phurpa Sherpa

KATHMANDU:- COVID-19 cases have been increasing in Nepal and the government is inept to deal with the corona virus crisis.

For that the Youths of the different parts of the country have gathered again  with different slogans, placards to peaceful protest against government handling the COVID-19 cases in the country around Bhat-Bhateni Super Market, Baluwatar area of Kathmandu. And the protesters were removed by the police force using the water cannon, tear gas to disperse the crowd and  were brought under control.

The massive independent  protesters gathered around  Bhat-Bhateni Super Market, Baluwatar area of Kathmandu showing their dissatisfaction regarding how the government is handling the COVID-19 situation in the country.

Also, the youth have come with the strong message for government that they will not tolerate corruption they want justice aside when the whole country is going through the tough time.

(Massive protest in Kathmandu showing their dissatifaction towards Government. Photo: Phurpa Sherpa)

The Protests will be continuing peacefully by following the physical distancing protocol and the other safety measures against government demanding expansion of PCR tests,discontinuing RDT and take the accountability for taking right measures to control the over spread of the virus as it has already infected more than thousands people and caused the death of many lifes in the country.

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