Your love, my métier 

NEWYORK: I am always excited to live with you because you are with me, who listens to me in all my sorrows and joys without any selfishness. When I am alone, you always come to me with your smile and make me feel that you are always with me. Your loving smile makes my life colorful again. I’m afraid whether I am forgetting you some time and your existence too, so I get sad and feel lonely. I’m sorry no matter whom I can forget in the world, you are not that one as you are an integral part of my life that neither I can forget nor get rid of from my memory, so you are my breath, you are a trust, you are a laughing stock in life. You are a basis for me to live, your love is a means for me to walk. That is why my loneliness always goes away, I am always laughing whether it is a moment of rumbling in the dark or a time of rainy storms and hurricanes. It is all because of you.
You always encourage me to move forward in life. If something goes wrong, you startle me and if I am doing something good, you come for praising and encouraging me. How ignorant would I really be without you? That’s why you always take care of me and keep on teaching me about humanity and kindness. You know, everyone in this world comes alone and one day leaves this earth alone.
So, all the material companions in this world are temporary because the end of life is at different times than the end of one’s life. But I want you to be with me even after my death, you will be in the world I share.
I love you in the castle of fantasy with the joy of soar because we area a complement of each other. I see the world is colorful because the goal of life is to enjoy every moment of life. There are many friends in my life but you are the only one who is a friend possessing the purest love and who will not leave me in any situation, no matter how much I insult you. You will always love me with your innocent smile and deepest compassion. This is the difference between you and my other friends. When I hurt my friends unknowingly, they get upset with me, they get angry with me and stay away from me from the second day, how difficult it is to speak. But you are the only one who, despite my different opinions, is always calm, trying to convince me and always giving me strength and encouragement.
I am taking this time to say how grateful I am to you today and how important you are in my life. Today I would like to dedicate a little time for you, with you, for your love, for your inspiration, and for the energy that you have added to me in every moment, I am grateful to you. As a human being, I do not always expect prosperity and happiness because I must work hard for that time, I have to sacrifice a lot. I know this very well. I am a traveler who wants to move forward by struggling with every phase of life, struggling, and remembering every moment in sweet memories. But time always doest flow at the same level, when there is a storm on the way, when there is a hurricane and when there is rain you are still a friend who always gives me the strength to move forward with strength and courage in every easy and difficult time. It is true that I am here with you and because of your intimacy. I am grateful for my life, I always want to thank my parents for giving this beautiful life. You are so special, and I bow my heartfelt greetings to all the other friends at the same time.
Thank you once again, for always supporting me with my soul, faith, and trust. I have many friends in my life, they are also together in different moments of my life, but you are special because you live in my own heart. I don’t have to call or text to talk to you, you are in my heart, wherever I go, you are always with me. I am grateful to all my friends for their love, affection, and support but, today I am here for my true friend who never runs away in the uninterrupted journeys of my life, never take any selfishness, always love me and care me. It is my own companion, my soul, and my mind who Immerses in the world together with me on the same journey of my life.

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