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With The Grace Of Guru Gorakhnath

Nepal Is Blessed With The Spiritual Powers Of Great Guru Gorakhnath, But The Young Generation Is Forgetting The Holy National Guru Of Nepal.

By Jyoti Dhakal, KATHMANDU:- Shree Shree Mahayogi Guru Gorakhnath is the greatest guru of gurus (teacher or master, who preaches great spiritual wisdom). Mahayogi is defined as the great spiritual personality, who has mastered yoga and other aspects of spiritual practices. He is the greatest yogi among Yogis and the greatest Nath of Naths (highly accomplished soul). He is worshiped as the most glorious and main incarnation of Lord Shiva (one of the three main gods of Hindu religion). Guru Gorakhnath is also regarded as Shree Guru Shiva Gorakshya. The greatness, prominence, and vastness of the king of yogi Shree Shiva Gorakshya, the yoga-Siddha (accomplished one, who mastered miraculous powers) incarnation, who transpired in this world with an immortal body, is axiomatic and every epoch stands as a witness of it. Historians, scholars, writers, saints, sages, poets, yogis, swamis (leader of saints), rishis (literal), gods, and Siddha individuals of all epochs are familiar with the Mahayogi’s prominence and have sung his glory.
It is because of the blessings, grace, will, and permission of Mahayogi Shree Guru Gorakhnath, this universe is dynamic and functional and performs different activities in the way they should be performed. All sentient beings of this world are making efforts as much as they can to be close to this unique indescribable personality, lie down on his feet and receive his blessings. His grace alone has enabled all religious leaders of this universe to standby their virtues. They have been trying to mould themselves as per his great plan and make all possible efforts to fulfill responsibilities entrusted upon them. This world is irrigated with the accomplishments, power, and mystic yogic miracles of the divine Parabrahma (beyond the three Hindu gods) great Lord Shree Shiva Gorakshya, but it has lagged behind in singing his glory. Present-day human beings are reluctant to express their reverence, worship, respect, and regard to him.
It is a well-known fact that Nepal and Nepalese are bestowed with the grace of great Yogi Shree Guru Shiva Gorakshya. The study of the history of Nepal reveals numerous testimonies of his blessings, bestowment and miracles since the time known. Drabya Shah, the youngest son of Yashobrahma Shah, was blessed and made king of Gorkha (District of Nepal) by Guru Gorakhnath. That had laid the foundation of the history of the Shah Dynasty as the first monarch of Nepal. In this series, king Prithvi Narayan Shah was blessed and inspired by Guru Gorakhnath to unify small and fragmented states and form a large Nepal. This is written in the history of Nepal in golden words. The very name of Gorkha the kingdom ruled by the Shah Dynasty was taken after the name of the great yogi. Gorkha got its name from Guru Gorakhnath and it was ruled by Shah Kings because of the blessings from him. Therefore, Great Yogi Shree Guru Gorkhnath is the family deity of the Shah Dynasty. He is the National Guru of Nepal. He is the center of reverence and faith of all Nepalese people. However, the lack of adequate knowledge about him among the Nepalese people is a matter of sadness. Nepalese, who are identified as brave Gorkhalis after the name of Guru Gorkhnath, are forgetting their esteemed deity. They barely pronounce his name. Discussions on him too are not held anywhere these days.
As for the greatness of Mahayogi, numerous religious texts and divine yogis have said that epoch is empowered by the power of Mahayogi and this world is functional because of the grace he conferred to it. Whenever questions are raised against the religion, whenever social life becomes turbulent and goes wayward, and whenever demonic tendencies start to grow, the Gorakh power blows the conch and commence activities to reinstate the truth, to protect the religion and to reestablish social harmony. This is an indisputable fact. The Gorakh power works to create a spiritual environment and various divine souls incarnate in this world to facilitate the process.
The present-day world is also witnessing a sharp rise in adversities in the society and serious questions are being raised against religion and virtue. This has pushed society on the brink of instability, terror, and stagnation. Sympathy, love, altruism, humanity, and morality of the people have eroded sharply. The appropriate outlet from this situation lies only in the reestablishment of the spiritual environment. Hence, there is a need to seek Gorakshya power, blessings, and bequeath of Guru Gorakshyanath to salvage the society from this situation. All the societies can get clear guidance from the blessings of Mahayogi Shree Guru Gorkhshya. Gorakshya power can weave all the associations, communities in a single garland and all can find an appropriate way out from the present turbulent time. Therefore, the need of the hour is to make Guru Gorakshyanath happy, pray for his help, and worship him as the center of faith, belief, and reverence. In this connection, Late Yogi Shree Shiva Shaktinath also named Lal Bahadur Dhakal has taken some initiatives to enable the Nepalese people to identify their National Guru and gain his blessings, and also to enable the society as a whole to receive clear guidance from him. Yogi Shree Shiva Shaktinath is the closest and the most loved disciple of Shree Mahayogi Guru Gorakhnath. He was also the founder of Gorakshya Nikhil Philosophy.
Even though society has understood the greatness, accomplishments, and divinity of Mahayogi Shree Guru Gorakhnath to some extent, many facts about him still remain unknown and mysterious. In the absence of adequate facts and information, numerous rumors and tales have surfaced.
Mahayogi Shiva Gorakhsya is an incomparable form of divine guru and there are numerous examples of incarnated souls and spiritually accomplished people offering prayers to him to receive his blessings. Nonetheless, each individual should never forget the existence of our national guru and also pass that knowledge and his presence to our future generation as well.

(Highlight: Great Yogi Shree Guru Gorkhnath is the National Guru of Nepal. He is the center of reverence and faith for all the Nepalese people. However, the lack of adequate knowledge about him among the people is a matter of sadness. Nepalese, who are identified as brave Gorkhalis after the name of Guru Gorkhnath, are forgetting their esteemed deity. They barely pronounce his name. Discussions on him, too, are not held anywhere these days.)

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