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With rising crowds, threat of coronavirus infection deepens

(The Patan Durbar area, which looked deserted during the lockdown, is now bustling. With the government easing the lockdown, people’s lives are returning to normal, Kathmandu, June 12, 2020. Picture: Chandrakala Chhetri)

Narayan Dhungana, KATHMANDU:- Considering the commoners’ demand and realizing their needs, the government has eased the lockdown order but there emerged more challenge to avert the coronavirus infection amid crowds in the cities. Amid growing human mobility, the people are expected to maintain social distancing and remain further alert so that spread of pandemic virus would be contained.
Vice Chairperson of Nepal Medical Association Dr Anil Karki warned that crowds and public gatherings could spread the infection of coronavirus.
Meanwhile, stakeholders have expressed their concerns over the street agitations carried out by obstructing the roads for two days, saying that such crowds staged without maintaining social distancing could spread the virus.
Dr Karki said, “The best option to remain safe from COVID-19 is to maintain social distance. This is not applied in the ongoing agitations. What we should not forget is crowds will affect the entire society not only an individual,” he added.
Likewise, the Ministry of Home Affairs has said that the administration would be obliged to take legal action if the trend of agitations and crowds were not stopped by breaching the lockdown order.
Spokesperson of Ministry of Health and Population Prof Dr Jageshwor Gatuam said that no one should violate the basic health precautions to stop the spread of pandemic COVID-19.
As the total number of coronavirus infected ones crossed 5,000 and 16 deaths so far, self-discipline and avoidance of crowds by maintaining physical distancing could be the best option to remain safe from the pandemic virus. RSS

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