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One can be sure that she is not going to become more civil in her utterances and for the next five years, she will focus mainly on abusing Prime Minister Modi rather than focusing on improving the economic conditions and social harmony in the state.

During the recent election campaign in West Bengal, Mamata Banerjee declared herself as a street fighter, even as she was campaigning for the third term as Chief Minister of West Bengal.

During the election campaign, Mamata Banerjee spoke little about the economic and industrial progress achieved during the ten years of her Chief Ministership but she focused more about her street fighting capability and dharna politics.

Obviously, she must have come to the conclusion during the ten years of her Chief Ministership that the West Bengal people only want a street fighter as Chief Minister, even if the person would not be an able and forward-looking administrator. Obviously, the electoral verdict shows that Mamata’s conclusion was correct.

In the typical pattern of her past methods, she suddenly announced that she had been attacked in Nandigram and she claimed that the “attack “resulted in a fracture of her leg. Then, she converted herself to be a wheelchair campaigner during the election period. Several orthopedic specialists doubt whether it was a serious fracture. On the other hand, it was opined that it could be a sprain since she was able to move about in a wheelchair waving her hands in all directions and constantly turning her body in several directions without showing any sign of pain. She was confident enough to enact what appears to be a drama since she was confident that most people in West Bengal can be convinced to believe that she was a victim of violence.. Again Mamata Banerjee was right in thinking that she could get sympathy votes by projecting herself as a victim of violence.

The main theme of her campaign during the election was alternating between heaping abuse on Prime Minister Modi and heaping abuse on the Election Commission. Many people believe that Mamata Banerjee was brainwashing her followers to make them think that the Election Commission was motivated against her so that a massive agitation can be launched against the Election Commission and blaming it, in case she were to lose the election. But, she has won the election in a big way, which obviously indicates that there was no malpractice against her.

However, she lost the election in Nandigram and she is not accepting the defeat gracefully. She is now blaming the Election Commission for her defeat as if some mischief has been done in counting. This is typical of her past behavior, as she never hesitated to abuse or blame anyone or any agency if situations were not in her favor.

Immediately after the election, Mamata’s party men indulged in huge violence resulting in the death of persons belonging to opposition parties and some of Mamata’s party men appear to term it as an event for the celebration of victory. Typical of her past behavior, she is blaming BJP for violence, even before investigating the details, though BJP appears to be a victim of violence in this case.

One can be sure that she is not going to become more civil in her utterances and for the next five years, she will focus mainly on abusing Prime Minister Modi rather than focusing on improving the economic conditions and social harmony in the state.

With the recent victory in the election and becoming the Chief Minister of the state for the third term, Mamata Banerjee should be feeling confident that her demonstrative public postures, hurling abuses against opposition parties, and use of vituperative language have been proved as the correct strategy to stay as Chief Minister of West Bengal.

Certainly, having her way so far with all its faults, Mamata Banerjee would seek the position of national leadership in the coming days and dream that she can dethrone Prime Minister Modi.

As she learns nothing and forgets nothing, her goal of dethroning Modi would become a pipe dream. She is essentially a state-level leader and would continue to remain so, as she does not have the attributes to become a national leader.

Now, emboldened more than ever by her recent victory in West Bengal, the governance in West Bengal will go for a toss, as Mamata Banerjee would continue to use impolite language and involve herself in public demonstrations and political postures. By such methods, she will certainly get media publicity, particularly since the media likes to focus only on such behavior of political leaders. However, as the country has seen enough of Mamata Banerjee now, she will go no further.

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