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We are surprised why major parties stepped back from round-table conference: Mohan Baidya (Chairperson CPN-Maoist)

Why the talks with the political parties did not succeed?

We were also surprised why the leaders of major political parties changed their mood for holding the round-table conference. We have agreed on holding the round-table conference, conduct interaction and go for the elections of the constituent assembly to draft the new constitution. We have agreed to discuss the modalities of the round-table conference in the next meeting and proceed accordingly but the leaders of ‘so called’ major political parties announced that they would not go for it without holding discussion with us. We were surprised why they did so and this is the matter of investigation.

The political parties got annoyed after you raised the demands which are not feasible to fulfill. Isn’t it?

The meeting was suspended without presenting the agendas. We have agreed to bring the agendas of all the political parties during the next round of meeting but they could not come for the meeting. We have submitted the proposal for the procedure of the round-table conference. Will it be possible to conduct round-table conference without discussing the modality of the conference, so, is it our mistake to request major political parties to discuss about the modalities of the round-table conference? We believed that they would also put forward their issues then we can discuss on the modalities for reaching into the consensus but they alleged us that our demands are impractical and run away from the negotiation. If they are not ready to discuss our agendas, why should we sit for the talks? We are of the view that the problem should be resolved through talks but the political parties presented their biased behavior.

Anyway the talks failed after you raised some difficult demands. Isn’t it?

If we have presented difficult demands they should have discussed about such difficulties during the negotiation. If the talks were held either we used to convince them or they could have convinced us. Is it practical to blame us for the failure of the talks without holding discussion on the agendas we have raised?

It is said that the major parties walked out from the negotiation after you remained firm to the demands of changing the current government and the date for the elections. What is true?

Yes we have put forward our demands and these demands we have been raising from the very beginning. However they could not discuss the issue and listened to our justification, so whether we are responsible for it or the political parties? If we should accept everything told by them why should we sit for the talks and why should we present our demands? They have been walking in a wrong way and it would not be possible to draft the new constitution as per the people’s aspiration, so, we brought the concept of round-table conference. If we have said that we could not sit for talks without changing the incumbent government and postponing the elections date they could blame us but they did not come for talks to discuss these issues and blamed us that we raised these issues to disrupt the election and bypassed us. We thing all these things are being done in a planned way, so, we did not disrupt the talks rather they unilaterally walked away from the talks.

Not shifting the date for the election was the bottom-line of the four political parties. Are not you aware about it?

The election could not take place in this context. Our bottom-line is that we could not take part in the election in the present context. We have been saying that they have done wrong so they need to correct their mistakes. As both the sides have some bottom line so we should sit for talks to find consensus. We were ready to sit for talks for some negotiation, which will give outlet to the present stalemate but they neglected our cooperation.

Then there is possibility that you could have agreed for the November 19 elections.

If it is possible to hold the elections on November 19 after addressing the issues of the public we do not have any objection. Why the political parties could not convince us that that is possible. We did not make the election date as an issue, as postponing the election may not resolve all the issues of the public. What we wanted is hold the discussion to resolve all the issues of public. We just said that the process might need some time and it would not be possible to hold the elections on the stipulated time. They are trying to defame us by saying we are trying to disrupt the elections. In fact the so called major political parties have been trying to disrupt the election.

Why you are provoking the issue, which was already agreed by leaders of most of the political parties?

We are also the leaders of political parties. During Panchyat era the King used to do whatever he likes, similarly the new kings (leaders of major political parties) have been doing similar activities. They do not like to listen others and trying to defame those, who raise issues different than what they have been saying. Why they do not understand that Nepali people are backing us. If they continue their stance, history will provide justice to us. We are not seeking their mercy to fulfill the issues of general public. History will determine all these issues.

They you are committed to go against the elections.

We have been saying from the very beginning that we will not take part in the elections in the present context. We are open for dialogue along with our policy of boycotting the elections, so, the political parties should re-think and review their decision.

Is it democratic process to walk away from the process of drafting the new constitution through the Constituent Assembly?

No we did not walk away rather we were forced to do so. The ‘so called’ big parties deceived us as they have agreed to hold the round-table conference but they changed their decision after two days. They should answer Nepali people why they stepped back from their earlier decision.  They stepped back intentionally. We are also in favor of holding the election but rather than just holding the election for nothing we want to hold real election which will ensure drafting of new constitution.

Please tell us clearly whether you will take part in the upcoming elections of the constituent assembly or not?

We have clearly informed that we are not taking part in the election in present context rather we boycott it. It became clear that leaders of so called democratic parties do not want us to go to the election. In this context, we will boycott the election. We were hopeful that they are ready to go for the round-table conference, they have shown democratic nature but that was not true. As they did not correct themselves there is no alternative to boycott the election and go for agitation. There is no possibility of going for the elections, which is worse than the election held during the panchyat regime.

Will it be appropriate for a leader like you to make such statement against the sprite of people?

I have been telling it as per people’s aspiration. I want to challenge leaders of other political parties that they should do the politics for the welfare of the people and all the activities which are against the nation and people do not feel under politics. The history will show one day, who are in favor of people and who are against them.

You have been challenging them but they are saying that they will hold the election to take the country back in the track of constitution, peace and development. What is your comment on it?

Their activities have already proved that whether they want to take the country toward constitution, peace and development or in a crisis. They have already taken the country towards party-less system as they could not be able to give constitution. If they were capable they should have not been taken the country towards party-less system.

For Indian tourists travelling by land:- 72 hours (-ve) C-19 report, CCMC form and Antigen Test at entry point

For Indian tourists travelling by land:- 72 hours (-ve) C-19 report, CCMC form and Antigen Test at entry point

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Information for Indian tourists travelling by land:- 72 hours (-) C-19 report, CCMC form and Antigen Test at entry point
Information for Indian tourists travelling by land:- 72 hours (-) C-19 report, CCMC form and Antigen Test at entry point
Information for Indian tourists travelling by land:- 72 hours (-) C-19 report, CCMC form and Antigen Test at entry point