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We are giving more than we get from India

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After the Government of Nepal released a recent map of Nepal including Limpiyadhura and Lipulekh on 18 May 2020(05 Jestha 2077) than included in the National emblem of Nepal on 13 June 2020(31 Jestha 2077) with the majority of votes cast by the members of parliament. It was a good message for Nepali because after a long period all political parties came together. While our neighbor India put its note of disagreement against this step, as it claims these parts belong to them.

A total of 372 sq. Kilometers of land has been encroached by India. It is three times more than Bhaktapur, the smallest district of Nepal. According to the Sugauli treaty of 1816 Limpiyadhura is a part of Nepal as it is the source of river Mahakali (Kutiyangdi). So on the ground of that understanding, the eastern part of this river is the sovereign territory of Nepal. But India established 8 camps in 1962 at Nabidhang, Gunji, and Kalapani (these were former villages of Nepal). The release of the new map by Nepal is a counteraction of India’s releasing its new map last year including these territories into Uttarakhand. Nepal had taken the national census in these parts in 1961 (2018 B. S) under zonal officer Bhairav Rizal. The bilateral ‘Mahakali Treaty’ made in 1996 (2053 B. S.) for the utilization and management of water of this river between Nepal and India has not clearly shown the source of the Mahakali river. So India is trying to prove the Lipu river as Mahakali river, which originates from Lipulekh, while the source of the main river (Mahakali) is Limpiyadhura. This can be the main reason for the conflict.

This issue did not stop at the publication of New map by Nepal, moreover, some Indian private news channels created havoc by their baseless propaganda. They started blaming Nepal as being a puppet of China. We, as being citizens of Nepal do not much believe about it because we do believe in the sovereignty of our country. We never want any interference by any nation as a peace-loving country. In recent years Nepal has been an interest for both powerful countries so the politician might be under some influence but publishing the new map is the sole decision of Nepali people.

Some of these private Indian news channels provoked that Nepal is completely dependent on India for employment and essential goods. It’s true, as we have open borders so any citizens from any country can cross the borders, and can work as long as they want without a visa. It is estimated that about 7 lakh 14 thousand Nepali are working in India while there are 26 lakh Indians who work in Nepal. According to World bank Nepal comes at an eighth position to provide remittance to India, it means that 3 billion 160 million US dollars ( 3 Arba 1 crore 60 lakh USD) were earned from Nepal in 2017. In 2019 the total amount of 7,593,766,367.76 USD (9 kharba 18 Arba NPR) was spent to import goods from India by Nepal. While Nepal only earned 521,140,829.16 USD (63 Arba NPR) from India in the same year. As Nepal comes into the top ten importer countries for India, it supported 0.237 percent of nominal GDP in 2019 when it achieved 3.202 trillion USD, though Nepal had only succeeded to get 29.813 billion USD of nominal GDP in the very year. This figure shows Nepal is one of the strong economic pillars of India.

Finally, on 10 July 2020, the Cable and DTH channel providers of Nepal banned all the Indian news channels except Doordarshan, who were vomiting ‘hate stories’ of Nepal hiding above facts. This is not the decision of the Government neither Chinese influence rather a wise step of Nepali against fake news and propaganda. Recently BBC Hindi presented a report of Indian business owners in Raxaul (near to Nepal border) stating that their trade is dependent upon Nepali by eighty to ninety percent. There is still lockdown in Nepal because of COVID-19 pandemic so they are not being able to run their business, and are planning to shift their shops to another place. I am not against the old cultural relationship of both Nepal and India though, now it’s time to rethink that, we are giving more than we get from India.

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