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Wake Up With Determination: One Legged Nepali Dancer Sita

KATHMANDU: “Each soul is potentially divine, what needs is manifestation,” and Sita Subedi of Chitwan district has proved this. She is known as One Legged Dancer in Nepal and has won so many awards and felicitations. She says” I want to awake people who are in deep sleep.” Sita is an answer for those who differentiate between common and differently abled people.

31 years Sita who is from Meghauli of Chitwan district lost her left leg at the age of 12 only. According to her she was suffering from bone marrow cancer. For a lower middle class family it was difficult to treat cancer but her father and mother took her to BP Koirala Cancer Hospital  Bharatpur, Chitwan where the doctors suggested her for amputation. Her left leg was cut, and after that 2 years treatment followed by 6 cycle of chemotherapy, she returned home with despair.

Sita says she had passion for dance. Even in her childhood she danced throughout the days. Very often her parents scolded her for study. But after returning from hospital she thought now her dream was shattered. During her hospital days she got chance to meet Sukanya sister of one of the greatest literary personality Parijaat, who mentored her. Sukanya gave her example of Sudha Chandran, an actress of India who lost her leg but became  a popular dancer. Bollywood movie Nache Mayuri is a true story in which Sudha Chandran has starred. The Story of Sudha Chandran encouraged Sita to fulfill her dream.

Big dream takes many tests in life and Sita also had to appear in different exams of life. The first problem was acceptance in society. People did not even touch her thinking that they will be infected with cancer. After treatment when she returned her school named Janaki Secondary School, friends used to stare at her as if she was an alien. Some relatives and neighbors used to ask her parents why they treated Sita? What to do with this half girl, why did not they kill the daughter? These questions took her into depression. She says” The beginning was so tough but I accepted the challenge.” Her strong willpower and dedication brought the result. She says” if you want to win, wake up with firm determination.”

Sita started her education again. She completed her Masters in Nepali Literature and after that she joined Kaththak class, tough classical dance. She also had vocal training and some of her songs are popular also. She is in final year Diploma in Kaththak. In the beginning she had everywhere blood in her legs during dance practice and her dance instructor suggested her to leave dancing but people of strong will power wins the world. She has performed more than 35 shows in different places of Nepal.

These days she has been staying in Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal. In comparison to past, the days are good yet there are problems. Most of the time she uses public transport which is not friendly for differently abled people. Though there are some seats reserved for differently abled people, the rule is not strictly followed.

For Sita life is the biggest school. She says first people will laugh at you but never dishearten yourself and after some time you will not be accepted only but will praised by those who used to insult or discourage you in past.

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