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Wake up Matsyendranath, Gorakh has arrived

According to the texts written by Guru Gorakhnath, Shiva is the main element of this world and it is with his wish that this element transforms into power.
Gorakhnath and yogis of the Nath Sampradaya. Photo Courtesy:

By Jyoti Dhakal, KATHMANDU: In the epic “Gorakh Digvijaya” written by a Muslim poet Faijullah of Bengal, the poet has said that Guru Gorakhnath salvaged even his guru Matsyendraneth from the trap of women.

Going by this citation, Guru Matsyendranath once reached a state of women in a country named  Kahali (Singhal) where he had attained Shiva- propounded divine knowledge. There he got engaged with and indulged in queens Kamala and Mangala and their 1600 maids. Guru Gorakhnath became aware of this situation from Siddha Krishnapaad and reached Kadaliban. On seeing Guru Gorakhnath, one of the maids guarding the territory got attracted to him. From the maid, Guru Gorakhnath reconfirmed that Guru Matsyendranath was inside the palace.

However, he was also informed that no male were allowed to enter into the territory. Immediately Guru Gorakhnath disguised himself as a lady dancer and reached the place where Guru Matsyendranath was present. By playing Mridanga(forms of drum), he sent a message”Wake up Machchhindra, Gorakh has arrived”to Matsyendranath. He then used his yogic power to free his guru from the trap of the queens, and both of them vanished from the scene, and traveling through the sky route reached a hermitage in the Girnar hill. Thus, the attempt to describe the divine personality of the Mahayogi, who could salvage even his Guru, would prove nothing more than foolhardiness. It would be a futile effort to divulge details of Mahanath, who freed his guru from the trap of women and who meditated in a place from 12 straight years to inform the world about his guru. Such efforts will prove no better than showing candle to the Sun.

According to the texts written by Guru Gorakhnath, Shiva is the main element of this world and it is with his wish that this element transforms into power. There are five states of Power (shake). They are

  1. Nijaa- A state when Shakti remains Dissolved in the main Shiva
  2. Paraa- A state when Shakti appears separate from Shiva
  3. Aparaa- When the detached Shakti expresses herself
  4. Sukshmaa(astral)- When ego arises
  5. Kundali- When ego takes up the form of consciousness.

Likewise, Shiva also has five forms, which include Apara, Parama, Sunya(void), Niranjan (infinite) and Pramaatmaa(divine spirit), according to guru Gorakhnath. According to Hathayoga  Pradipika, confluence of Shakti and Shiva is Hathayoga. In this, Kundalini, a form of Shakti residing in humans, is awakened and moved through the six chakras present in the body and taken to Sahashraar chakra located on the head, where Lord Shiva resides and confluence with him. By practicing this, one can become a Hathayogi, an enlightened yogi.

To be continued….

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