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Viral fever grips many in Saptari, Southeast Nepal

SAPATARI: An outbreak of viral fever has lately gripped more flood victims in Saptari district, Southeast Nepal.

With the change in season, the people, mostly those who were affected by floods, are suffering from viral fever.

According to Gajendra Narayan Singh Hospital, Rajbiraj many of the affected included children and elderly people, who are more susceptible to the diseases caused by changing seasons.

Medical superintendent at the hospital, Dr Chuman Lal Das said that around 15 to 20 people were admitted at the hospital on a daily basis.

Almost every household in the district has been affected by the disease, and, as a result, the health posts, primary health care centres and other health institutions are full of patients in the district, said Dr Das.

Besides the admitted patients, half of the patients visiting the Out Patients Department (OPD) are found suffering from viral fever, said Dr Das.

According to the hospital, around 200 people have already received treatment from the hospital in two weeks.

It has also been found that the patients of viral fever are getting treatment at the clinics too. Most of the patients are found taking medicines at home after getting diagnosis from the clinics of physicians.

Due to the viral fever the students’ attendance in the school has also been decreasing day by day, said vice principal of Shibsa International School, Ram Adhin Shah.

Meanwhile, more than 100 of inmates are affected by the viral fever in Rajbiraj Prison.

The prisoners have been suffering from common cold with fever and are found suffering from the viral fever after visiting the hospital, said acting chief of the prison, Satya Narayan Yadav.

Though the fever has been brought under control, around 10-15 inmates are still suffering from common cold, said Yadav.

According to the doctors, fever, sweating, dehydration, headache, muscle aches and pains, weakness, loss of appetite, vomiting and lethargic feeling, are the symptoms of viral fever.

Viral infection is transmitted from one person to another through direct contact with infected individuals and contact with contaminated objects used by the infected person.

Doctors advised people to stay away from cold and dust, adhere to healthy habits by washing hands, eating seasonal fruits and vegetables, taking rest and drink healthy liquids to prevent viral fever.

Physicians also advised to intake home-made or cooked foods including, garlic, oranges or citrus fruits, honey, ginger and basil leaves to keep the fever at bay.

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