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Violation of building code unabated in Banganga municipality

KAPILVASTU: Construction of physical structures by violating the set procedures is taking its height in Banganga municipality in Kapilvastu. It seems that the local government is not serious about the issue and or is finding it very hard to come up a strong mechanism to regulate and control it.
Road encroachment inside the city area while building private structures including houses is going uncontrolled. They do not feel necessary to pass the design map of structures from the local government before the construction.
When approached municipality deputy-mayor Chakrapani Aryal, he said the local government was making frequent calls to the people for following the rule, but they continue to turn deaf ears. Besides, the town people have placed construction materials on the road, causing obstructions in the movement of people and vehicles. “For those who see no need to follow the rule continues to break the rule.” He said.
Earlier, the municipality had conducted a monitoring to determine the level of rule violation while building the structures. The local government team was surprised by the univocal answer from locals who said that they were not aware of the provision of taking approval from the municipality before construction of new structures.
But the understanding of engineer Suraj Ghimire who was also in the monitoring team is that the locals were giving such answer out of a conscious mind just to show their innocence in the rule violation. Instead, they want to bypass the process which they take as a tardy one and to avoid tax.
Mayor Mangal Prasad Tharu said the municipality holds the right to demolish structures which are built violating the standards, urging the locals to make correction of their move in time, otherwise the local government will be compelled to exercise the rights.

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