Udhauli festival celebrate across the country today

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Milan Adhikari/Shutterstock (9663409f) A Nepalese Kirati man play traditional music instruments as women perform the ritual Sakela dance during the celebration of Ubhauli festival in Kathmandu Ubhauli festival, Kathmandu, Nepal – 05 May 2018 The Kiratis are the inhabitants of eastern hilly regions in Nepal and the Ubhauli festival marks the beginning of farming seasion and the migration phase upwards to hilly region at the arrival of summer season.

KATHMANDU:- The Chasuwa festival of Yakha community, Folsyadar of Sunuwar, Udhauli Sakela of Rai and Chasok Tangnam of the Limbu community are being observed today.

The Limbu community celebrated Chasok Tangnam on the first day of the festivals that began three days ago. But today, all jointly celebrate the Udhauli Sakela or Kirant festival. Though various ethnic groups within Kirant community call the festival with different names, it is popularly known as Udhauli, said Kirant scholar Kirti Kumar Dumi Rai.

The day is celebrated to mark the ripening of the food crop, by offering it first to the god, seeking permission to consume it and also remembering the ancestors. On this day, the Kirant followers worship the land and get to dancing and merry making donned in traditional attire.

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