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Tremendous Hike in Vegetables Price in Nepal

The jump in prices has dealt another blow to consumers already having a hard time managing household finances due to lost earnings from the Covid-19 lockdown.
A woman inspects vegetables at the Kalimati market in Kathmandu. Photo Courtesy:

By N24 STAFF WRITER, KATHMANDU:- Vegetable prices increased sharply in the Kathmandu Valley on reduced deliveries as furious floods following nonstop rain-ravaged key producing areas, damaging crops, and disrupting transportation.

The jump in prices has dealt another blow to consumers already having a hard time managing household finances due to lost earnings from the Covid-19 lockdown. India has announced restrictions on the export of key food items as the Covid-19 pandemic may put pressure on supply as it has a large population to feed.

Lhakpa Sherpa from Tinchuli said, “As I have been staying home for more than 3 months so for that I have been going through financial crisis and increment in the rate of vegetables, fruits, and medicine which we had been using daily in our life. Increments in the rate of those things I have a question actually who has been increasing the price is it shop owner or the main dealer? 

“Today I went to buy vegetable in the market I found the different rates of the vegetables as compare to yesterday rates, if the price rises day by day during this COVID-19 pandemic then it will create more problems for me to buy the vegetables as there is no job right and no other income sources. I think the price of the vegetables should be affordable because it is our basic needs, as we all know that due to this pandemic we are facing lacking money whereas some of the people have not even 100 rupees. So, for this reason, the government should give focus and try to manage it,” said Sherpa.

According to Anish Thapa Magar, permanent resident of Province-3 (Hetauda), said, “Tremendous Hike in Vegetables Price during COVID-19 pandemic.” As we all know that the world is fighting with the Global spread COVID-19 pandemic. A maximum number of people are being affected directly or indirectly by this virus. In the context, of Nepal, the number of COVID -19 coronaviruses infected people is increasing by the day at the same time there is a tremendous hike in the price of vegetables which normal people are consuming day by day.

He added, “There are two big challenges for the normal people, the one is to fight with this virus and another is starvation. In one condition the earning of the people has been stocked during this pandemic and there is a regular increase in the price of the product which we are consuming day by day. Tomato which I have purchased 2, 3 days was 70 rupees per kg, but during the interval of 2, 3 days, the price has increased to 150 rupees per kg. So, if these sorts of activities get continued then normal people like me will die with starvation instead of the COVID-19 virus.”

Similarly, Pujal Thapa Magar said, it has become difficult to sustain during this pandemic, people are becoming more panic about this virus and dying with fear instead of the Virus. The price of vegetables hike in Makwanpur, there is a black market in the fruits and vegetable distribution center. They are charging the price against the government by which all the normal people like us are affected by it. So, the concerned authority should take a stick action against it to find the reason behind the rise in the price of vegetables. People have become more panicked and have to face so many difficulties during this pandemic. Overall Nepal, there is a problem with the increase in the price of fruits and vegetables. The government or concerned authority should take some action and work in favor of the people like us otherwise, people will die with hunger instead of this Pandemic, said Magar.

According to Lalu Tamang from Attarkhel, Jorpati, “As the rate increase in the price of vegetables is creating a problem for me as well as to other people too, before I was working full-time teacher at in school but now because of COVID-19 pandemic I have been teaching part-time teacher.” So for that, I have been getting an only part-time salary. So it won’t be sufficient to fulfill the basic needs so in this case how can I manage money. And the government had already announced lockdown again and the price is a hike in the vegetables is creating a financial crisis. 

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