Top guns of four political forces are stooge of foreign powers: Pampha Bhusal (Spokesperson, CPN-Maoist)

Why did your party oppose the proposal of government formation under the leadership of Chief Justice?
-We have protested the proposal as it was against the spirit of the constitution of Nepal. The Interim Constitution of Nepal clearly spells the rights, responsibilities and duties of the Justice related to the judiciary. Political parties are to run the state affairs. We have protested against the attempts to invite autocracy in the country by handing over the executive roles to the judiciary by undermining the political parties. The country is not being able to get an way-out from the current impasse because the major four political parties are becoming the puppet of the international forces. There are many other parties who are responsible towards the people and the nation and if the parties, who claim themselves as the major parties, cant give an outlet, they should quit for other. Our party is firm on the stance of government formation under the leadership of the political party.

Shouldn’t you and your party, who have been claiming the resignation of the Baburam-led government, be happy while the Baburam led government is quitting?
-It is the matter of happiness for nation and the people if Dr Bhattarai is stepping down. However, it is more dangerous to bring a wolf inside from one door by taking out a tiger from another.

Could you please make clear how it is dangerous to be Chief Justice Khil Raj Regmi in place of Dr Baburam Bhattarai?
-In the parliamentary politics, according to the power separation theory, executive, judiciary and parliament have their own respective jurisdictions. To bring a person among these any sectors more than in one role would mean to impose autocrat or lead the country towards dictatorship. There have been many anti-national and anti-people works during the Dr Bhattarai led government after May 28 when he assumed the roles of parliament and executive. Now, the exercise of adding judiciary on these roles would lead the country towards totalitarianism and autocracy. It’s even hard to imagine such situation.

Why should be this issue for your party if the proposal to entrust the responsibility to judiciary if it could resolve the ongoing political crisis of the country?
-Its not the cup of tea of the judiciary. The roles of running the state affairs if of the political parties and the judiciary should remain engaged with its own business. This ridiculous proposal has come according to the grand design of the international force. It is not of the Nepali. The four parties were already the dice of the formula prepared by the foreigners. Now, its very unfortunate for the Chief Justice, with whom people have hopes and respect, to be a dice of such imported formula.

You seem to blame to foreigner as their formula when everything that comes new. Why?
-Either you accept it or not. It is the fact. People are suffering due to parliament and executive handled by a single person and we haven’t imagined the situation of when the judiciary will also handled by the same person. This proposal came suddenly and imported from the south. Prachanda has just become a medium to toss this proposal. We had already understood this grand design of India but we were waiting who is going to table this proposal. Finally, it came from the Prachanda, which didn’t surprise us at all.
From their general convention in Hetauda, Prachanda and Dr Bhattarai had said that they would drag the Congress and UML to the consensus on their proposal. They really brought two opposition parties to agree on the imported formula as per their declaration in Hetauda. This is the reason why we have related this with the issue of national independence. This proposal also goes against the spirit of the constitution and theory of separation of power in democracy.

Can’t we resolve the problems of our country ourselves? Do we need to follow the formula of foreign forces?
-This is what we have been wanting and demanding. That’s why we have demanded the need of roundtable conference. Why our demand of conference to bring all the parties together to discuss the problems of the country is undermined. The leaders of the major four political forces have failed to resolve the problems of the country. They are not capable to give the way out to the country. They wouldn’t be able to forge the consensus since they are the stooge of the foreign forces rather than moving on their own instinct. The attempt to move towards party-less system from the multiparty democracy proves that.

What would you do if CJ would be made Prime Minister ignoring your protest?
-We would struggle against them. In fact, we are already struggling against it. Nepali people fought against Rana oligarchy, they won. They fought against Panchayati autocracy, they won. They also overthrew the 250-year long rooted monarchy. And, people would foil the ploy to reverse the country back to the party-less autocratic system.

It means that your party is not going to participate in the upcoming constituent Assembly polls?
-First, there would be no election here. Second, we don’t believe that election is everything. If the election was the solution for every problem, there have been many elections since 2017. Did the country get solutions? Instead the problems have entangled. This type of election was held even by then King Gyanendra. The election don’t has any meaning unless it ensures the peoples their all rights, making the country independent and the constitution with the people’s federal democratic constitution. Here we have been observing the competition among the leaders of the parties to be the foreign agents. We can imagine where these competitions will take our country.

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