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To pay rent or not? Conflict between Tenant-Landlord

With this number of unemployed, and the economy at a standstill right now.Many people and families who have lost income because of the pandemic are facing the question: Should I pay rent? And could I be evicted from my house or apartment if I don’t?
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By N24 STAFF WRITER, KATHMANDU:-The coronavirus, resulting in stay-at-home orders and record job losses are having an impact on some people’s ability to pay rent. The government urges landlords of those working in various unorganized sectors to exempt one month’s rent. Homeowners complying with the request will not have to pay the tax on the exempted amount.

Jayram Kumar Yadav a student of higher secondary level from Birgunj said, “Tensions have risen, though the government has said not to take rent of a room the house owner doesn’t listen to us. Earnings have stopped due to the lockdown, livelihood has been earned. Bank loan and room rent both been have been creating difficulties for me. I have to listen to the house owner but who will listen to us?

According to Bina Tamang from Makalbari, Narantar, “Near my cosmetic shop, there were two shops one is a cosmetic shop and the tailor’s owner had closed their shop due to lockdown for permanently and financial crisis they weren’t able to pay the rent.

Anish Thapa Magar from Thankot-3, Matikhel, “During the COVID-19 pandemic, I have to face a lot of difficulties and challenges. As I have my own aunt’s house and we stay on the fourth and third floor whereas the 1st and 2nd floor is rented.”

We used to have almost 35 thousand per month from rent from where we could have fulfilled our basic needs and the overall family expenses. But this pandemic has a direct and indirect impact for us because those people who used to stay at our house have gone to their hometown when the Nepal government has announced the nationwide lockdown on March 24.

According to Magar, It has been so difficult for us now because those people who were staying in our house have already gone to their village, so there is stock in the money which I used to get from the rent. The pandemic has not gone now till the date, it is becoming difficult for us to run family expenses and the overall cost. There are no chances of getting rent and it is also difficult to ask the PCR test report to new people who will come to ask for a room. 

He added, though, the pandemic has brought tremendous challenges for me and my family. The money which I used to get from the rent of my house is stock till the date; it has been almost 6 months. The overall world is fighting against COVID-19 pandemic, it won’t easily end.  We might have to face a lot of challenges in the upcoming days. 

Hence, to fight against this global spread coronavirus and to run the family we all family member are engaged in agriculture we have engaged in rooftop farming where are have already planted varieties of vegetable not only this we have engaged in agriculture and involved in the production of Local vegetables such ad tomato and other daily used green vegetables in the bare land so that we can fulfill the demand of green vegetables for our family member. This could provide us some sort of relief for this pandemic, said, Magar.

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