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The number of Nepali nationals to be rescued abroad is 24,148, NRNA provides pre-flight health check facility

(Nepal Army taking Nepalis returning from Dubai to the Holding Center of Province No. 2 at Heritage Banquet in Radheradhe, Madhyapurthimi Municipality-4. If the report of Kovid-19 is found to be negative after 14 days, the army will make arrangements to send it to their homes. Photo: Ramesh Giri-RSS)

By Jyoti Dhakal, KATHMANDU:- The Government of Nepal has drawn up a list of Nepalese who are in dire straits in various countries due to the Kovid-19 epidemic and lockdown.
According to the National Coordinating Council of Non-Resident Nepali Associations, Nepali embassies and missions from different countries, the number of citizens to be rescued on the basis of first priority is 24,148.
According to Kumar Pant, president of the Non-Resident Nepali Association, (NRNA), the government is happy to start rescue operations immediately, even though the number in the Middle East is low on the list prepared by the government.
Chairman Pant said, “The government had to immediately come up with a clear idea about the pre-flight health check-up of the rescued citizens as per the criteria of the government of Nepal.”
Pant emphasizes, “NRNA can assist the government in conducting pre-flight medical check-ups for the rescue of citizens who need to be rescued in order to reduce the risks of repatriation and the risk of such a large number of Nepalis returning home, but the government has to insist.”
According to a report submitted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the Covid-19 Crisis Management Center (CCMC) on Monday, the lowest number of people in need of immediate rescue in 30 countries except India is 2 in Laos and the highest number is 6,500 in Malaysia.
According to a source close to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Nepali nationals from the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia should be rescued immediately. A total of 646 people were rescued from the United States, 1,300 from Australia, 49 from the United Kingdom and 78 from Canada.
According to officials, the list includes those who have difficulty eating and living, those who have lost their jobs, those who have not been given tickets by the company and those who are in various crises. It does not include workers sent by the company concerned.
According to a Foreign Ministry source, the details of Nepali nationals received from the National Coordinating Council of Non-Resident Nepali Associations, (NRNA) of different countries and missions abroad should be sent to CCMC for the purpose of bringing them to Nepal on priority basis.

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