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The challenge on school level online education in Nepal

Online classes is the easy way of getting education in this pandemic. But, can every people of Nepal be able to be part of it. What will those children do who don't have internet access or smart phones in their houses?
Ages Graded Secondary English School PHOTO: N24staff

By N24 STAFF WRITER, KATHMANDU:- The literacy rate of Nepal is 67.91% was in 2018, an 8.28% increase from 2011. Due to the global spread of Covid-19, all kinds of businesses have been going through an economic crisis so the challenge on school level online education in Nepal.

Ages Graded Secondary English School’s principal, Ganesh Dhital, said, “To run online education at school level was quite tough, as most of the parents were not convinced about online classes. Though we try our best to explain about online class and conducted meeting time and again. At first, we started classes for secondary level then we expanded classes to grade one.

And also, explain the use of Google meet and zoom to the parents. But dealing with the parents we got to know problems with the Internet and device (Mobile, laptop). In the Nepalese context, it is very tough for parents to fulfill all requirements of the children regarding online classes. Now, the parents are aware and joined the internet brought devices and joined their children in online classes.

Though some of the parents are still in the village with their kids they are joining online classes by using mobile data.

He added, it is difficult to get parents understanding and implement online classes at school level in Nepal. So, we have been counseling those parents by telephone. Nowadays we are getting positive responses from parents and their children also join online classes. Those parents who are guiding their children at home are doing better day by day in online classes.

At the beginning of the online classes, only 15-20% was present but in the present situation, the number of students present in class is more than 60%. Now the school is planning to conduct an internal evaluation examination of student’s progress. 

 The main objectives are;

i)  Continuation of learning and to teach them about their courses,

ii) Course con

Similarly, Shyam Waiba, a teacher said, “As I’m already familiar with modern technology, I’m feeling comfortable to run online classes.” So, what I think is that during class time students should focus on their courses then it will be more effective. It is the best option for the students to continue their studies during this Covid-19 pandemic. 

Ang Diku Sherpa, a local resident of Kapan, A class-10 student, “And also before the lockdown online classes weren’t sure so I went to my village but staying 3 months in my hometown, I come to know about my online classes. Absences of internet and smartphone I came back to Kathmandu. “

She added, Even though after back to Kathmandu still I’m not joining the online classes due to the economic problem but I bought the books. Nowadays I have been practicing from the book; I don’t think it will be good by practicing me rather than online classes. But in my opinion, it will be good if the grade-10 students are compulsorily kept in the hostel by testing PCR so it might help us.

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