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The Beatles, Red or Blue?

The Beatles band itself was a supporter of Everton or Liverpool. Needless to say, Red symbolized Liverpool and blue represented Everton.

By N24 Staff Writer: Liverpool is not only an English city known for football, but it is also famous for music. Even more so than in the rest of the world, the city has made a name for itself in music before it introduced football. The city has two famous clubs, Everton and Liverpool.

Everton was long ago whereas Liverpool later left. And the Beatles were born and raised in this city. ‘Fab Four’ namely John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Store.

These are all from the city of Liverpool. Many ask, The Beatles Red or Blue? It also has a musical meaning. The band’s albums are also known as Red and Blue. But our question is different. This question does not ask much about football, nor about music. The question is, in the literal sense, did the Beatles band itself support Everton or Liverpool?  Needless to say, Red symbolized Liverpool and blue represented Everton.

When it comes to Mercedes, the first question is, are you Red or Blue? Which club do the four members of The Beatles really support? Liverpool recently won the English Premier League title. The discussion has not stopped yet. The discussion has now spread and added many dimensions to it. One of the discussions is, how much interest did the Beatles member have in football and which Mercedes club did it lean towards?

This has been discussed in some of the old stories in The Guardian. With this help, it is still debated. In fact, it is a very repetitive question. There is no exact answer yet. Funnily enough, the supporters of both the clubs claim that The Beatles are the supporters of our team. The bitter fact is that the members of The Beatles were not so die-hard fans of football. Like football was everything for everyone else in this city.

Searching only for The Beatles, many historians have come to the UK. One of them is Ray O’Brien. In his own words, The Beatles didn’t really have much interest in football. It is one of the band’s most popular albums, ‘Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Band’. There are many faces on the cover of this album. Only one of them is a football player. He is Albert Stubbins of Liverpool. He was a so-called player in his time. It is said that Lenin insisted on posting a picture of him. Lennon’s father was from Liverpool

McCartney also went to Wembley in 1965 to watch football and it was the FA Cup final. He went there hiding his identity as much as possible. The game was Leeds against Liverpool. As he was about to enter the field, someone saw him and recognized him. The Liverpool supporter gave him his red scarf and McCartney happily wrapped it around his neck. Does that mean McCartney was a Liverpool supporter? Before the final, The Beatles sent a telegram to Liverpool. At the time, Liverpool’s manager was famous

It is also an attraction for tourists. It says, ‘Good luck, boy, we’re watching this game too. The same John, Paul, George, and Ringo. McCartney himself was asked this question many times, whether it was Red or Blue. They would often reply diplomatically, “We love both clubs equally. Reaching that peak of success and fame, no member of The Beatles wanted to disappoint their fans. They were afraid that the name of one club would disappoint the supporters of another club.

That’s why there is such a dilemma about The Beatles’ favorite club. Once upon a time, McCartney was very upset about which club he really liked. “If I had to choose between two clubs, I would choose Everton, because almost all of my family members are fans of this club,” said McCartney. Everton’s supporters were also on the rise at the time.

McCartney is best friends with Kenny Douglas. “I love Liverpool now,” he said. Douglas became both a legendary Liverpool player and a coach. McCartney knows a lot about the history of football in Liverpool. So he has also said that the football culture in Liverpool is great, in the same family Husband can be an Everton supporter, Wife Liverpool. Or father Liverpool supporter son Everton.

Of the four members of The Beatles, Harrison is said to have had little interest in football, even though he had once watched a game between Manchester United and Aston Villa at the stadium. He was also asked once in his face whether it was Red or Blue. At that time, he gave a wonderful answer and it was more and more abstract. “Liverpool has three clubs, I support the third team,” he said.

Now no one can say, which is the third club?

One of the most influential figures in The Beatles’ drummer’s life was his stepfather. The father was from London, so he was an Arsenal supporter. When his Arsenal team came to Liverpool with his father, he used to go to the stadium to watch football, so he also became a supporter of Arsenal. The people of Liverpool and the supporters of Arsenal, this equation is amazing.

The fact is that there is no political, religious, or cultural reason for which club Everton and Liverpool to support in the city of Liverpool. It depends on which member of the family is influenced. As Everton says, its supporters are not born in a factory, they are born. The firstborn club in this city is Everton i.e. Blue. But Red, Liverpool, has been so successful since the 1970s that Everton has been overshadowed, seemingly lost.

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