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Monsoon becomes active again in Nepal

KATHMANDU: Rainfall is taking place in most places of the country with the monsoon becoming active again. Meteorologist Raju Pradhananga

Monsoon to remain more active in Nepal from coming Monday.

KATHMANDU: Department of Hydrology and Meteorology has said the ongoing monsoon rains will remain more active from coming 27 July

Monsoon floods utilized for offseason kayaking in Dharan, Nepal

ITAHARI: Monsoon-induced floods render huge losses to life and properties in Nepal every year. However, for some tourism professionals of

Low-pressure line nearer to Nepal making monsoon active

KATHMANDU: An active monsoon wind is causing slight rainfall across the country since early morning on Sunday. The Meteorological Forecasting

Where people live in constant fear during monsoon every year

By Durga Devkota, KATHMANDU: Every year when the monsoon starts the people residing in the downstream in Kailali live in

Monsoon becomes active, brings rains almost nationwide

Kathmandu: Rainfall is taking place almost all parts of the country today as monsoon remains active. According to the Meteorological