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Sunny Leone: Priyanka Chopra is my role model!

With Sunny Leone sitting in her bare essentials that only accentuates her desirable, curvaceous bod, nobody has the time (or inclination) to look at the scary spirits lurking around the hottie. And that, in our collective opinion, is the major drawback in the poster of Sunny’s forthcoming horror movie Ragini MMS 2.

With an exciting blend of sex and horror thrown in, the makers of Ragini MMS 2 are touting it to be India’s first horrex project. But, honestly speaking, Sunny’s seductive presence has butchered the fear factor. Aren’t people more interested in satiating their lustful eyeballs on what Sunny could possibly display in this movie, rather than anticipating the display of supernatural elements, we asked the hottie. “Oh I think what you see in trailer is a mix of my sex appeal as well as scary ghosts. In fact, you will see more ghosts in the whole movie and not just me having a shower. (laughs) Even if my fans come to watch me in the movie, they will be only happy to get to a good story and a whole lot of entertainment in the end. So I am sure they won’t be disappointed in the end,” said the 32-year-old hottie, who made a swift transition from being a popular adult movie star to a Bollywood babe.

Ask her how this sequel will propel the original story forward and Sunny maintains that Ragini MMS 2 will not only take the horror tale forward but it will also raise the bar in terms of the way horror genre has been treated in India and the way in which it is received by the audience. “The original movie was a success and the sequel also has a back-story to it. There’s a connection that will be further enhanced by the help of movie’s clever tagline and appealing posters. I believe that the movie is extremely well shot and you will see sex, horror and many thrilling moments that will make you jump out of the seat,” added Sunny.

From her sensational entry in Bigg Boss’s house and then natural progression into the business of entertainment in India, Sunny is happy with the choices she has made and the opportunities she has got in B-town. So what has the Indo-Canadian hottie set out to achieve in the island city, the city of dreams? “I had no idea that I will be absorbed into the movie business here in Mumbai. When I entered the Bigg Boss house, I had no plan in my head. I did not even know how it will pan out. Movies happened later, but it was not a well thought-out move. And today I spend more time in Mumbai than in LA. I think this city offers so many possibilities, so many options. It is up to you how you play your cards well and how you do justice to the opportunities you get. At the moment I am enjoying the hectic pace and the vibrancy offered by Bollywood,” explains Sunny with her trademark giggle.

For someone who was raised in Canada, not exactly connected to Bollywood movies, who does Sunny appreciate and look up to from the Hindi film industry? “Oh, it has to be Priyanka Chopra. Look what she has achieved all on her own. She is this exciting package of a glam movie star, a superb actor and a popular singer. Her range of talent is extraordinary. And the fact that she is known internationally makes her even more special. I certainly look up to her and follow her,” said Sunny.

Today Sunny shuttles between Mumbai and LA frequently,She manages to juggle her budding career in Mumbai as well as look after her work in LA. Does she want to bust any myth about the business of selling adult content, as people have these notorious images revolving in their heads when it comes to dealing with the fact that Sunny functioned as pornstar. “I don’t discuss pornography. I don’t want to talk about it. Every time I have said something it has been taken out of context. My statements have been given twists and turns in the media and therefore I don’t want to answer any question that has the word pornography in it,” states the babe firmly.

Is Sunny trying to shy away from her boldness card, the charge that she flaunted to get into Bigg Boss in the first place? “No, I think every country and every city has its rules and regulations and I don’ want to toe the lines drawn by societies,” responded Sunny, hinting that her adult content actor image should not be further analysed or even probed into, even if she continues to shuttle between Mumbai and LA to manage her business that helped her break into the more glamrous world of Bollywood!

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