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Suneel Sah and team elected NRNA national coordination council USA

Purushottam Dhakal, Los Angeles: Texas based engineer Suneel K Sah was elected president of the Non-Resident Nepali Association National Coordination Council of USA. His nearest rival New New York-based Surya Lamsal received 1797, Sanjay Thapa received 1554 votes to Sah’s 3711. Suneel K Sah, Surya Lamsal and Sanjay Thapa were the contenders for the president’s post.

During the election campaign, Sah assured that he had the necessary “ambition and resources” to assist in the integration of the Nepalese Americans.

As the president of the NRNA NCC of America, Sah will hopefully undertake similar ambitious initiatives. Some leading members of the NRNA NCC of USA are wealthy individuals with sharp entrepreneurial skills. Other than the investment they can bring to Nepal, their years abroad have helped them amass expertise and skill that could be very useful for an underdeveloped economy. Non-residents in other countries, like India and China, have fueled their countries’ growth by bringing in foreign investment and diverse pools of knowledge. Diasporas undertake philanthropic initiatives in their community of origin, utilizing their social capital to pool resources and channel them into areas like health and education that need the most support.

Sah said, “I will also form a fund for welfare purposes under the non-resident Nepali American to help underprivileged people in Nepal,”. He also vowed to continue the existing agenda of NRNs—strengthening the NRNA movement, issue of dual citizenship or continuation of Nepali citizenship.

Still, the Nepali state and NRNA ICC will need to work closely to find synergies. Beyond token social work and relief measures after natural disasters, the diaspora need to take concrete steps towards revitalizing the economy through investments, especially in labor-intensive infrastructure and tourism sectors.

The government, in turn, could take lessons from other diaspora driven economies and come up with a shared national vision for development that include setting up investment areas that are attractive to Nepalis living abroad. With right policy approach from the government, NRNs need not be a loss to the country but a strong asset.

Meanwhile, the Election Commission has declared the following candidates the winners of the various posts:

Suneel K Sah- 3711 Winner (Texas)
Sal Lamsal-1797
Sanjay Thapa- 1554

Sr. Vice President:
Dr Arjun Banjade-2949 Winner
Amrit N Sapkota- 2616
Narayan P Kandel-1112
Indira Tripathi-303

Vice President:
1. Midwest Regional
Buddi Sagar Subedi 3502 Winner
Bala Ram Ghimire 3220

2. North East Regional
Babu Ram Lama- 3519 Winner
Mahesh K Malla- 3097

3. South Regional
Krishna Jibi Pantha- 4639 Winner
Thala Raj Panta- 2030

4. West Regional
Sarbajna Wagle-3787 Winner
Ram Babu Pandey- 2827

General Secretary:
Pashupati Raj Pandey-3042 Winner
Gopendra Raj Bhattrai-2166
Anjan Kumar Chaulaga-1494

Amrit Babu Kattel 3335 Winner
Bhanu Bhakta Kharel- 3262

Netra Prasad Pokharel- 2671 Winner
Prashanna Sangroula-1710
Rabin Raj Bajracharya-2338

Joint treasurer:
Santosh Kumar Bista- 3865 Winner
Gyanal Thapa-2601

Youth Coordinator:
Binod Ruwali-3550 Winner
Pritam Kusiyait-3025

Women Coordinator:
Diksha Basnet-3945 Winner
Sunita Khatri-2733

Satya Narayan Chaudhary-2115 Winner
Chitra Karki-2059 Winner
Dharam Bishwokarma-1870 Winner
Durga Prasad Shrestha-2139 Winner
Chhatra K Gurung-2365 Winner
Khim Bikram Bhattarai-2023 Winner
Ammar B Chhantyal-1876 Winner
Chet Prasad Poudel 2107 Winner
Jeewan Kumar Joshi-2026 Winner
Padam Bahadur Thakurathi-2246 Winner
Basudev Adhikari-2121 Winner
Tilak B KC-1918 Winner

ICC Members:
Shankar Khadka-2998 Winner
Trishna Sharma-3975 Winner
Jedu Nath Pokharel-3989 Winner
Shiva Raj Poudel-3255 Winner
Hom Nath Gautam-3298 Winner
Swaraj Khati-4247 winner

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