South Korea to provide E-9 visa to foreign students

SEOUL:- The government of South Korea has started preparation to provide ‘E-9 visa’ to foreign students pursuing their studies in Korea.
E-9 visa is the visa that is provided to migrant workers arriving Korea for employment through EPS process after passing Korean language test.
The Korean government has been making preparation to provide E-9 visa to foreign students pursuing their education in Bachelor degree in science and engineering in Korea with an objective of providing employment to them, said Chairperson of Migrant Workers Union, Uday Rai, quoting Labour Ministry of Korea.
Process has begun with an objective of bringing the new law into implementation within this year at coordination of Ministry of Law on the concept prepared by Korean Ministry of Employment and Labour.
The Law Ministry would carry out survey before implementing the concept and take necessary decision.
The Nepalis arrived here on E-9 visa through EPS process are working in industrial and agriculture sectors. The visa said to be provided to students is for the same sector. Around 1,500 Nepali students studying in Bachelor Degree in science and engineering would get employment like the workers arrived through EPS.

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