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Song ‘Deshdrohi’ burns Nepal’s National Flag on Youtube video.

Dikshya Tiwari
The song is said to be anti-nationalist, racist  and likely to provoke misunderstanding and disturbance in the society.
Pic Via: Youtube

KATHMANDU:- A song stuffed with offensive phrases that spreads hatred against Nepal’s nationality and ethnic unity was criticized on YouTube. Social media users have demanded that the song be banned and motion ought to be taken in opposition to these concerned.

The song entitled ‘Deshdrohi’ uploaded through ‘Mangol Hope Official’ channel is harshly criticized as anti-nationalist, racist  and likely to provoke misunderstanding and disturbance in the society.The worst part is the music video contains the scene of Nepal flag burning.

The song sang in rap genre has Mangol Gyalz Lee & ATM as its lyricist.

Mongols distinguish the Khas Aryans as refugees from Banaras of India while declaring themselves as the indigenous of this land. The shared song starts calling Brahmin and Chhetris as thieves and intimidates them to leave the country. Well, in the second minute of the video, a rapper burns the national flag of Nepal.

The song also talks about how Khas Aryans, natively from India sets Hindu calendar in Nepal along with their dress Daura-Surwal, and Dhaka-Topi.

The third part of the song Deshdrohi features BR Ambedkar, a late Indian political person who was against Hinduism, but why?

‘Deshdrohi’ also describes about the sacrifice and contribution of Mongols during th World War I and II.

It is known that the song is shot in the courtyard of Bishnu Basic School located at Bagmati Rural Municipality in Makawanpur.

Everyone has urged the police to take rapid motion on this video. Meanwhile, RPP MP Rajendra Lingingan wrote on Twitter, “Spreading ethnic hatred and burning the nationwide flag is just not acceptable by any stretch nor ever.” Do not plant any such toxic bushes. ‘

Published Date: Tuesday, August 18th, 2020 | 05:39 AM

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