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Some Formulas to Save Nepal from Corrupt Leaders

By Dirgha Raj Prasai:
Nepal 20 January 2013. It is unfortunate for Nepal that its party leaders capture state power and betray the nation and the people. Since 1990 Nepal is wanting in sincere people’s representatives as a result of which this nation, rich in natural and cultural heritage, is becoming poorer. Our souls are proud to be Nepalese. Once, we had enjoyed a prestige no matter where we went to which corner of the globe. The all encompassing unity between Buddhism and Vedic Hindu religion limned an identity of a civilized, amiable and a pure lifestyle. Today Nepal is counted in the ranks of poor nations. Many Nepalese emigrant workers are discriminated, and many of them in foreign lands are murdered. When Nepalese used to be killed in any part of the world Nepalese people from all corners used to voice an alert. Today the state power is indulged with foreign activities, and the government never issues an alert when Nepalese are killed.

There had been foreign activities in the past. Never had Nepal been subject to such degree of indignity as after 2006. Foreigners are pouring in money to contract leaders of the political parties to end the identities of Hindu religion, culture and tradition and turn Nepal into a Christian state. As the identity of Nepal is in the process of extirpation the rulers do not even utter a word. Nepali Congress, UML and the Maoists followed in the footsteps of foreign powers after 2006 to push Nepal to swamp. Buddha’s birthplace has turned into a play ground for foreigners. A peaceful country like Nepal is turning into civil war-torn countries like Afghanistan, Iraq and Sudan.

The Indian intelligence agency-RAW contrived a big conspiracy to use Maoists’ leaders Prachanda and Baburam to pull NC and UML into the web that would work for Nepal’s retrogression. Under the direction of the Indian intelligence they pitched the Maoist army to attack Nepal. India had provided security to Maoists in India. Later NC and UML leaders with assurances were directed to launch the uprising. Taking advantage of the opportunity afforded America, the European nations and the Christian missions entered Nepal to unleash a river of money. They provided economic incentives to suborn poor Bhramins, indigenous people with false assurances to turn Nepal into a Christian state.

In 1950 India made Mohan Shumsher the leader of revolution so as to keep its hand above the developments in Nepal. Similarly, in 2005 India sent the Lendup Dorje (Sikkim’s great Betrayal) like leaders in Maoists’ party, NC and UML to the uprising. Among the Prime Ministers that have governed Nepal Girija Prasad is viewed as the most treacherous criminal, and after him, it is definitely the Maoist Baburam Bhattarai. The Indian intelligence had given it the name of Maoists’ party. Baburam is a disgusting person who is trying to destroy Nepal. Although he may posses a Nepalese body his soul and aspiration lies with India. The Maoist Party also was named by RAW defaming China to disintegrate.

In 1960 King Mahendra dissolved the parliament and banned the multiparty democracy and replaced it with a party-less Panchayat system, because he had come to know of the inner Indian conspiracy to capture Nepal. In retrospect when we analyze the change-1960 it may seem as opposed to the rule of NC, but in reality, it was against Indian intervention. Congress leader and PM-BP Koirala was put into jail after the abolition of the parliament. The evaluation of the political scenario that prevailed in 1960 is underway based on facts. It will not be enough that BP is a good statesman. India had started to impose its influence in every sector of Nepal by taking advantage of BP’s friendship. Overall, not everyone in Nepali Congress was good. It was imperative that whoever took the step to save Nepal; it had to be done. The result of the take over by King Mahendra in 1960 was seen as a father for consolidation of Nepalese nationality.

King Mahendra and BP Koirala’ stuck to their stance regarding disagreement over Nepal’s nationality and democracy. They were both fighters of their respective political viewpoints. In reaching our destiny we cannot forget these two personalities. To reconcile and equipoise the nationality of King Mahendra and BP Koirala’s democratic socialism will be the place where we will find panacea to all problems. Now we must do this. It is clear before everyone that the irresponsible leadership in the party can cause the nation’s downfall. In 1960 the cause for change was India’s stealthy conspiracy. However, after 2006 the involvement is that of India including America, European Union and Christian nations. If Nepalese cannot unite in such a situation to chase the traitors then the nation will drown.

King Mahendra, in a period of a decade, made an ardent effort to make Nepal a prosperous nation, and worked to increase the country’s fame in the world. We cannot study the political system of Nepal by disregarding the works carried out by King Mahendra in a decade, and NC leader BP Koirala’s dedication to democracy. If the Panchayat system had been run with democratic guidelines BP Koirala would have lent his support. He had repeatedly said that it was not the Panchayat word that they despised but that he would lend his support if it were run democratically. The inner circle of the Panchayat filled with sycophants did not want to come to terms with BP or the opposition.

When India annexed Sikkim BP Koirala was struck even more by the consciousness of nationality. In 1976, BP Koirala, Ganeshman among other leaders in exile in India returned to Nepal with the view, “Nepal’s nationality is in danger. We must reach an agreement with the monarch to save the nation.” But here in Nepal the corrupt and impertinent Panchas (rulers of Panchayat system) launched a ‘return to village campaign’ and spread rumours that BP would not be allowed to alight from the airplane. In a district meeting held in Dhankuta Pancha leader Surya Bahadur Thapa called for hanging BP Koirala. But King Mahendra was not guided by such prejudice. I wrote against such anarchic viewpoint. I wrote that it would be a big mistake to block the path of leader BP who wants to return to his nation. Anyway in 1979 a referendum was held. Although Panchayat won, the situation continued in similar fashion.

The corrupt rulers of the Panchayat system could not reconcile with the opposition side, and the multiparty system was reinstated in 1990. The multiparty system was not efficient due to the inordinate pride among the rulers from NC and UML, and the corruptions that pervaded all sectors. The main culprit of this were NC’s Girija Prasad Koirala and the UML leaders imitated his way of ruling, and looted huge money and asset of Nepal. The misguided rule of NC and UML crossed all limits. Then the Maoists’ rebellion rose due to excessive injustice. Later Indian intelligence took over the inner leadership of the Maoist rebellion. What has happened after 2006 has been related many times. The Pandora’s Box incarnate Constituent Assembly (CA) created as per Indian design opened. With the dissolution of the CA the republic, secularism and the anti-nationalist decisions taken after 2006 have all been nullified. The interim constitution was also a poisonous root of India. It has also withered away.

The death of CA has rendered Congress, UML, Maoists’ and Madhesi parties’ orphan. Now it is unlikely they will be protected from anywhere. Foreign powers as India, America and the European Union understood that they too faced the prospect of indignity. Now there is no other secured place for these leaders than prison. The people are so much angry with these leaders that the latter faces the danger of public lynching wherever they may come in contact with the people. If individuals with no notion of political viewpoint participate in running the state, and betray the people, then we must give them what they deserve – stiff punishment. It was the desire of these leaders, who came to fore of national politics after 2006, to subject the nation to such a plight. They tore the constitution and formulated the declaration paper of the Maoists’; as per the Indian desire they created the interim constitution.

Now the Interim constitution is dead, Nepal is without a constitution. In the event of the death of interim constitution the 1990 constitution automatically should come into existence. It is the tradition that when the nation is lacking +in a constitution and government the state’s permanent organs as the court, national army, security resources are activated within the people’s legal boundary. For this to be realized the 1990 constitution must be activated and that in the presence of monarchy the nation must be governed.

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