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SMAP Los Angeles Celebrates Shiv Jayanti

LONG BEACH, CA: Holding our Rich Heritage and being the spiritual, peace-loving community in the world, we bring New Ways to showcase our creativity that will allow us to grow in sophistication and bring back the richest part of our culture, our morals, values and principles.

To voice your extinct thoughts and be lauded for them, is nothing less than an overwhelming reward for revealing what your inner conscience truly believes in, to divulge the faded memory, of the greatest leader of all times, in the world, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, who deserves nothing but fame and glory, for his belief in unity, equality, meticulous organizational and strategical skills, whose words bore the pain of agony of the people, of all races, genders, and religions, and the quality of honesty, truthfulness, and trust, led by virtues, innovation, and new technology, which won him admiration.

Vijay Patil, the founder of SMAP deserves full credit for taking the initiative and believing in his vision to reality. The committee members, who have the greatest regards for Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, put in their valuable time and efforts, partnering to make Shivaji Jayanti celebration, a phenomenal success two years in a row, at the Woodrow Wilson High School Auditorium, in Long Beach. This year added another milestone, and history, with four new SMAP chapters, in San Jose, Omaha, Atlanta, and Stamford, all celebrating Shivaji Jayanti simultaneously.

The Los Angeles program began with the palanquin procession of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, highlighting Maharashtrian Culture, and the Shivaji Era of the 1600’s, the Dhol, Tasha, Lezim, by men, women, and children of all ages, and then powerful performances portraying the “Women Empowerment” theme. This was followed by a English Drama, directed by Pradnya Kuwadekar, on Veermata Jijabai, and her sustainable teachings which she imbibed in Shivaji Maharaj since his childhood, teachings, which can be emulated by all mothers even today.

After lamp lighting and American and Indian National Anthems, Vilas Jadhav opened the show with a warm welcome and a brief highlight of the SMAP Foundation. Vijay Patil briefed us on Shivaji Jayanti and the greatest emperor ‘Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’, the founder of Hindavi Swaraj and the SMAP organization achievements and goals. In Atlanta, we were honored to receive endorsement from The Governor of Georgia, Honorable Mr. Brian Kemp”, said Patil. Bharat Saoji acknowledged the endorsements from Chief Minister of Gujarat, Vijay Rupani, and Dy Chief Minister, Shri Nitin Patel and other dignitaries and celebrities. He also acknowledged Guest of Honor, Nitesh Patel, Mayor Pro Tem, City of La Palma, Sarang Handas, Entrepreneur, Babasaheb Purandare, and the Keynote Speaker, Eileen Grubba. Ashutosh Khisti covered the Platinum Sponsors, Shri Avadhesh and Uma Agarwal, Manju and Ashok Madan, Vilas Jadhav, Dr. Shilpa Gaikwad, Kirit Patel. Ms. Vasu Pawar covered the Silver Sponsors, Sanjay Shah of Intelty, Bharat Saoji, Jayant Manohar & Family, Dr. Bhalerao, Pradnya and Sanjeev Kuwadekar, and Pravin Patel. Ashok Madan covered the Bronze Sponsors, Kamlesh Chohan, Mr. Arun Bhumitra, Suru Manek, Nitesh Patel, Comerica Bank, Dr. Sukrit Mukherjee and others. Shailesh Shetye covered the supporting organizations, Each One Teach One, 5 Dimensions, Jagriti, GOPIO, NFIA, IASA, MMLA, and Hope B Lit Foundation.

The main attraction of the evening was a inspirational Keynote speech by Hollywood actress, writer, producer Eileen Grubba. She shared her life journey from a six year old child to a famous Hollywood celebrity. She described how she dealt with the unimaginable challenges courageously to stay positive, achieve the success and make difference in the society. Eileen started a #ALLinclusive movement and improved the Hollywood Film Industry by advocating “Inclusion for disability and Woman in Film Industry”. Her message at the event, to all woman was to “believe in yourself” and that one woman can make significant difference in the world! … similar to how Veermata JIjabai changed the world by challenging the status quo and by giving right values to her son, Shivaba!

The women empowerment theme was well characterized by the top dance academies, through their powerful dance drama choreography, music and scrim. The Talent show was presented by Shankara Dance Academy, Los Angeles, choreographer, Arti Manek, Aarat Dance School, San Jose, choreographer Dipali Vichare, Lezim Dance choreographed was by Sonali Bhave, Shakti Dance School from San Diego, Revolution Dance Academy, choreographer, Deepak Khandagale, Rudralayam Academy, and RRB Dance Company, Los Angeles.

The message from the evening was – “Men and Woman are equal and its everyone’s responsibility to respect safety, security and dignity of others. One woman can make difference in the world by positively influencing the life of her son, daughter, husband and other family members to create just and harmonious society”. With 183 participants and volunteers, the event was attended by close to 1000 people. Other organizers who made significant contribution in hosting this grand event included Gandhar Katre, Siddhesh Raut, Kedar Deshpande, Mangesh Raut, Ruhi Hak, Asmita Jadhav, Sudhir Pisal, Preeti Patil, and Mayuri Bhandari.

About SMAP Foundation – Moto is “Let’s Awaken the Spirit of Unity & Leadership’ and the goals are to create the kind of leaders who will –

1. challenge the status quo

2. have the courage to fight injustice and social issues they see around them

3. challenge the discrimination of all kinds and support the cause of unity

4. help people who are less fortunate in life to bring the equality

Specifically, we have fours objectives – (1) Networking – develop a nationwide network of leaders, in various fields, (2) Unity – organize events to promote unity, (3) Community Service – help unfortunate ones and (4) Nurturing Leadership.

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