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‘Sikkim’ A History of Indian Conspirator Role-1975

By Dirgha Raj Prasai special to 
The Sikkim’s people are offended and suffering by the conspirator policy of RAW 1973-1975, whose notorious activities became suicidal for Sikkimese people. Since 1975, Sikkim has lost its sovereignty. From the very beginning, Sikkim was sovereign country. Sikkim’s Sovereignty had End by Indian’s Conspirator Role 1975. Nobody can forget the history of conspirator incident and evidences on Sikkim.
In 1975, Sikkim’s Prime Minister “appealed” to the Indian Parliament for representation and change of Sikkim’s status to a state of India. In April 1975 the Indian army moved into Sikkim, seizing the capital city of Gangtok, disarming the Palace Guards and putting the Chogyal under house arrest. A “referendum” was held in which 97.5% [?] of the votes cast (or counted!) agreed to join the Indian Union. China did not recognize India’s occupation of Sikkim. Until 2003, which led to an improvement in the Sino-Indian relations? In return, India announced its official recognition of Tibet as an integrated part of China.

The Chogyal never renounced his throne and hoped till the end that justice would win. The Kingdom which had defended its independence for 300 years against powerful neighbors was annexed by India in April 1975 and became the 22nd state of the Indian Union. The 85th birthday of the 12th Chogyal of Sikkim gives me the opportunity to focus on the fate of the tiny Himalaya Kingdom. Chogyal Palden Thondup Namgyal, Twelfth Consecrated Ruler of Sikkim, was born in Sikkim’s capital Gangtok on 22nd May 1923.

King Chogya & PM Neharu

The Denzong Chogyal was the second son of the late illustrious Chogyal Sir Tashi Namgyal, who will always be remembered as Sikkim’s gracious, enlightened and benevolent ruler. In 1935 he continued his studies at St. Joseph’s College, Darjeeling, and completed his studies at Bishop Cotton School, Simla, in 1941.

As the Heir Apparent, Gyalsay Palden Thondup Namgyal undertook the Indian Civil Service Training Course at Dehra Dun in 1942 and thereafter returned to Sikkim to look after the administration so that the needs of the people could be taken care of.

Chogyal Palden Thondup Namgyal was keenly alive to the needs of the people and as Heir Apparent had exercised direct personal supervision over various departments of the government of Sikkim. He was his father’s adviser on external affairs and led the Sikkim team, which negotiated the Treaty with India in 1949-1950. By contract Sikkim became India’s “protectorate” on 5th December 1950, not unlike Nepal and Bhutan that were forced to sign similar treaties after the British had left the subcontinent. So far the other two Kingdoms could maintain their independence. If Nepal will be able to keep the two greedy neighbors outside the borders should the country be declared a republic, is in doubts.
A scholor Shital Pradhan writes- ‘I believe this piece of article is more of a documentary as the title suggests “The Story of Sikkim“. A part of many stories in opinions- 24x7blog. The article gives a simple narration about Sikkim in brief. What I liked the most was the annexation part and as in my part what I see I share. So this interesting piece of extract is provided here which did touch my heart especially the “letter” sent by our Chogyal (King) to Indira Gandhi when Sikkim Royal Palace was attacked by the Indian Army.

Indra Gandi & Lendub Dorjee

“Finally, in 1975, the Kazi (Prime Minister Lendup Dorjee Khangsarpa) of Sikkim went against the Chogyal and appealed to the Indian Parliament to change Sikkim’s status to a full state of India. His appeal was approved. In April 1975, a 5,000-strong contingent of the Indian Army invaded Sikkim and surrounded the Chogyal’s palace. His 300 bodyguards, who were themselves trained by the Indian Army, were caught and driven away, while one of them was shot. The Chogyal was arrested. In his last letter to Indira Gandhi, he wrote:

“I have no words when the Indian army was sent today in a surprise attack on Sikkim Guards who are less than 300 strong and were trained, equipped and officered by the Indian army who looked upon each other as comrades. This is a most treacherous and black day in the history of democratic India in solving the survival of our little country by use of arms.”

The Chogyal died under Indian surveillance, supposedly of a weak heart. The Sikkim National Flag was lowered and subsequently banned, being replaced by the Indian Tricolour. A referendum was held under which 59% of the electorate came out to vote. Of them, 97.5% approved a merger with India. However, historians strongly dispute the statistics provided by the Indian Government as well as the fairness of the referendum, which was conducted by the Indian Army. Nonetheless, Sikkim was merged with the Indian Union as its 22nd State.

Interestingly, the treaty which enabled the merger had a special clause inserted into it by India: the merger of Sikkim and India could never be disputed in any court of the land, including the Supreme Court. Of all the instruments of accession signed between various Princely States and the Indian Union, only this one contains this special clause. Details of what actions Indian Intelligence agencies took before the annexation, including the accession of Bhutan to the United Nations, remain sketchy, mostly because the Government classifies it as a state secret.”
Similarly, since 2006, RAW, CIA and EU have been involving breaking Nepal for Christianity and including China in the name of Free Tibet. But, it may be their Herculean attempt because Nepalese people and China never surrender with the foreigners conspirator roles. The traitors nurtured by foreigners are bent on raping this pious land. To defile this land they are welcoming the foreign agents. In South Asia India has taken a highly attacking policy. It raised Lendup Dorje in Sikkim to capture it. It has maintained its influence in Bangladesh by raising Mujibar Rahman. It has been harassing Nepal through numerous conspiracies. Sikkim has been annexed through Lendup Dorje. Pakistan was broken to create Bangladesh.
Let us delve into older statements. After August 28, 2011 the Maoist leader Baburam Bhattarai, who is pro-Indian, became the Prime Minister. This was a design to capture Nepal. It was a design not to talk about the 1950 treaty with India and not to talk of the encroached borders. Baburam became PM in order to accept the demand of ‘One Madhes One State’ and induction of ten thousand Madhesi youths into the national army. Although Nepali Congress and UML are in the opposition, it does not hold any meaning for they are not given any consideration by foreigners. The leaders at the leadership level of those parties were met and placated.
Sikkim’s nationalist leader former C. M. Narbahadur Bhandari is being challenged by Lendup incarnate Pawan Chamling who has the full backing of the Indian government. The government plans an immigration of southern Indians so as to push Nepali speakers into minority. When Bhandari was the Chief Minister there had been no discord among various castes. All lived in harmony with Nepali speakers! The Indian government was compelled to give recognition to Nepali language owing to the pressure of the struggle launched by Dilkumari Bhandari. Now Nepali speakers are respected throughout India. However, Pawan Chamling has fomented a communal discord which has subsequently weakened Sikkim by the hint of RAW.
In Darjeeling the dignified Nepali speakers demanded the autonomous state of Gorkhaland to save the Nepali identity. In similar way Nepali speaking Gorkhali people are demonstrating their power in Sikkim. To hinder this demonstration the Nepali speakers are harassed. The south Indians are persuaded to buy land in Sikkim. The Indian intelligence agency through Chamling is actively pursuing a goal to annex Nepali territory east of Koshi into Darjeeling. The narrowness of the deprived Indian design is manifested in suppression of aggrieved Nepali speakers.
It is a scheme to suppress Nepali speakers, Bhramin and Chetri in particular, by using Chamling. ‘Raw’ has become his right hand. He has money in abundance. He has already sold all rivers and other natural resources of Sikkim to the central government. He continues to sell more. The incumbent Chief Minister Pawan Chambling has abrogated the provision disallowing the selling of land which is the property of indigenous castes as Lepcha, Sherpa among others to non-indigenous people. Now the properties are being bought by feudal class from south India. Now under the leadership of Pawan Chamling Sikkim is turning into a nation of devils.
The Bhutanese Nepali speakers were subjected to rape, murder, suppression, theft and insolently deported. Now the Nepali speakers in Sikkim who have raised voice against Indian intervention are being victimized. According to a revelation Pawan Chamling is inducing Nepal’s Limbuwan and Khumbuhang group to draw financial support. According to nationalists of Sikkim, Chamling is conspiring to annex Nepal’s border area east of Arun-river into Sikkim. He is acting like a wolf to disintegrate Nepal. Yesterday we had believed that Pawan Chamling was a true Nepali literary figure in India and symbol of Nepali blood. Today he sucks the blood of Nepali people in the guise of a Nepali speaker. Whoever embodies such demonic nature, even if it is a Nepali speaker, is a blot to the prestige of Nepali people.
Sixty five years ago during democracy’s incipient years such ignominious acts had never taken place. Since 2006, some of these brokers who have been fed foreign currency are none other than late Nepali Congress leader Girija Prasad Koirala, his broker and the then Home Minister Krishna Sitaula, UML leader Madhav Nepal, Maoist leaders Prachanda and Baburam Bhattarai. The nonsense so-called rebellion of Prachanda and Baburam was actuated by a mission to transform Nepal into a Christian state and dissolve its identity and existence. They are sucking martyrs’ blood, and have befriended ‘RAW’ and ‘CIA’ to rape this country. Nepal is a sovereign and unified nation from time immemorial. The national and foreign enemies are scheming to disintegrate this peaceful and unified land into smithereens in name of federalism. These devils have unnecessarily raised the ethnic issue to plunge this nation’s sovereignty attested by its centralized governance.
Today Nepal faces more critical and detrimental situation than what it had experienced sixty years ago. The leaders that have come to govern the nation after 2006 have not moved an inch towards carrying out any acts in the interest of the nation. They have befriended notorious ‘RAW’ and ‘CIA’ and invited foreign agents to suck the blood of martyrs.
In Bhutan, India had conspired three decades ago and started chasing Nepali speakers. The Bhutanese monarch in fear of India did not utter a word when his Nepali speaking people were chased with indignity. In reality, Bhutan is India’s playground. The conspiracy of ‘One Madhes One State’ will see Madhesi parties in agreement with the Indian broker Maoists to capture Nepal. However, India will not be secure from this conspiracy. All the patriots from Terai, hill and mountainous region are indignant. India’s RAW wants to disintegrate Nepal and it wants to maintain its influence in South Asian nations. Nepal cannot always tolerate India’s high handedness. So, it is my request that Nepal should relinquish the membership of SAARC. Nepal must extend its hand of friendship to China, Russia, Pakistan, Iran, Malaysia among other nations that is capable of fighting the imperialistic and expansionistic designs. So, Sikkim’s people must dedicate their life to relief from the Indian depression.
Nepal is a holy-land. Nepal always supports the sovereignty of all depressed countries in all over the world. In such context, China always is being in favor of small countries’ sovereign existence. So, we Bhutanese, Sikkim’s people should be aware to save the sovereign existence. It is point-able massage that the pain of not having the nation is told by Sikkim’s former vice chief minister P.T Loksam- ‘Nepal is a sovereign country. If this nation survives, then will survive the identity of millions of Nepalese living in India! Today we have democracy but we do not have independence; our country Sikkim. We are like a raped woman, whom has lost her dignity. May Nepal continue to live! May the King’s shelter be always provided for Nepal and Nepalese people?’

Himwatkhanda-Nepal which is habituated by indigenous, aboriginal and immigrants- Bhramin, Chetri and some Newars are aboriginals of this land. The Magar, Gurung, Tamang, Rai, Limbu, Sherpa, Rajbanshi, Tharu, Dhimal are indigenous tribes. Muslim, Madwadi, Bengali and Madhesi that are involved in trade are immigrants. Despite the difference in culture the Muslims after the unification of Nepal have not done anything that could endanger the integrity of the nation. Among the immigrants the Madhesi group that stealthily entered Nepal from India is inducing the other tribes-Jha, Yadav, Thakur,Tharu, Rajbanshi, Kurmi and others in Terai plain and indoctrinating the slogan of ‘One Madhes One State’. So this group is a danger to Nepal’s security policy.
Bhramin and Chetri are the sons of Rishis (Hindu saint) of this holy land. The Himwatkhanda Nepal is the birthplace and thinking and devoting place of the great seven saints as Kasyapa, Bhardwaj, Bishwamitra (Kausik), Basista, Atri, Gautam and Jamdagni. This land is blessed with the birth of ‘Nemuni’-creator of Nepal, Parashuram, Upamanya, Mautgalya, Shandilya, Marichi, Angira, Pulaha, Bhrigu, Mandawa, Gargi, Yagyabalakya, Maitreyi, Byas including other Rishis. Vedic scriptures and other holy scriptures came from this land.
Balmiki Rishi had written Ramayana (Hindu religious epic) at Balmiki Ashram at Chitwan in Nepal. This is the first half portion in Sanskrit language in this land. This was later translated into Nepali language by poet Bhanubhakta Acharya. This is the land where Lord Gautam Buddha took birth. Twenty three hundred years ago King Ashoka had married off his daughter Charumati to Nepal’s Devpal of Chetri caste.
So, Rishis have played glorious role in the civilization and development of this land. In our society the cultural manifestation in Sindur, Achyata, diyo, dubo, supari, kalas, dhup, saldhup, dimba among others are not restricted to any one group. Such culturally important subjects are used not only by the Hindus but in Buddhist monasteries as well. The Nepali language and Birkram Sambat era has created a cultural unity among all castes and creeds. But, the Christian- PM Baburam Bhattarai’s Herculean attempt to abolish Bikram Sambat from Nepal will not be materialized.
To desintrigate Nepal, Nepal has been turning into a battleground of theft, inflation, kidnapping, insecurity and black marketing. They are determined to plunge this nation into chaos. Such leaders ought to be subjected to life imprisonment and seizure of their property. It must be notified to all Nepali people that these leaders have become Prime Ministers, ministers and lawmakers illegitimately. They are draining the state coffer. They do not have any other concern than their stipulated time in the office legalized by their victory in election. Once they are elected they fall into an illusion that they can remain in the power forever. Why do such devils need election when they can do it by force? Why would devils be concerned of shame and dignity?
In such situation, India is scheming to turn Nepal into a failed state. America and western nations want to turn Nepal into a Christian state and disintegrate China through Free-Tibet movement. Some Bramin traitors’ especially-Prachanda and Baburam Bhattarai of Maoist party has become the ladder to this goal. In the context of Nepal the Constituent Assembly (CA) was a fruit of foreign conspiracy to destroy Nepal. But the CA had dissolved without formatting the new constitution. After the expiry of CA, using the Nepalese party culprit leaders and the CJ Khilraj Regmi, India is playing a conspirator game imposing the second CA election to break Nepal. So, we hate the nefarious conspirator of India. So, Nepalese people also must dedicate our life to relief from the Indian depression.
We patriotic Nepali people must be focused on a solution according to the 1990 constitution. We must take initiative to revive the royal institution which is the backbone of Nepal’s nationality and in alliance with nationalist people take stern action against traitors. To achieve this goal we must revert back to the 1990 constitution and form an all party cabinet. We can then resolve outstanding issues and concerns through this cabinet and seek a path of consensus. Nepalese people always are active to save our identity values and ethos to keep our time tested traditional scenarios. May we all Nepali be able to find this path! May Pious-Nepal’s sovereign independence be saved!
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For Indian tourists travelling by land:- 72 hours (-ve) C-19 report, CCMC form and Antigen Test at entry point

For Indian tourists travelling by land:- 72 hours (-ve) C-19 report, CCMC form and Antigen Test at entry point

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Information for Indian tourists travelling by land:- 72 hours (-) C-19 report, CCMC form and Antigen Test at entry point
Information for Indian tourists travelling by land:- 72 hours (-) C-19 report, CCMC form and Antigen Test at entry point
Information for Indian tourists travelling by land:- 72 hours (-) C-19 report, CCMC form and Antigen Test at entry point