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Shrawan sends Nepalese women to wear green bangles in hand with Henna Mehendi

KATHMANDU: Every year, the month of Shrawan, (July- August) comes with the craze of Mehendi (pigment of henna), green bangles, green beaded necklace and fashionable green attire among urban women and girls.
Along with the onset of Shrawan, urban women and girls are found bringing some twist to their everyday fashion by adding green colour in their attire and accessories.
Wearing green Kurthi with jeans has become the most popular fashion of this season, mostly among the young women. Colour green dominates the fashion trend during the whole month.
Women, wearing green attire, bangles and beaded necklaces, queuing to get their palms decorated with henna tattoos was a common-sight in and around the capital on Wednesday, the first day of the month. hariyo-chura
The pavements of the busy road, like New Road, Ason and Dharmapath were filled with women waiting their turn to paint henna tattoo, making dwellers difficult to make his/her way out while walking on the pavement.
Munni Bhujel, a henna artist from Morang, who was seen busy drawing henna art on her customer’s hand, said she served more than 70 people on Wednesday, the first day of Shrawan.
She charges Rs. 200 to Rs. 1,000 for applying henna, said Bhujel, adding that on the month of Shrawan she has been earning almost half income that she makes in the whole year.
On the first day, Chandrama Shah, another henna designer from India, aid she served almost 100 customers.
Women are supposed to put henna tattoos in their palms, wear green attire and palms during the month of Shrawan with a hope of getting their desires fulfilled and bringing healthy and prosperous life to their husband and family members.
Shruti Thapa, a 21-year-old girl flaunting in green Kurtha and colourful bangles (green, red and yellow), who was waiting for her turn for henna tattoo, said she wanted to apply henna because she didn’t want to turn odd one among her friend circle.
“I have no idea why people are supposed to wear henna and green colour in this month. But I’m the one who is following the trend,” she said.
Merina Tamang, 26, of Dharan doesn’t have any idea after the logic of wearing green in Shrawan but she had heard that the colour the henna tattoo signifies the depth of one’s love.
She simply wears green bangles and henna because Shrawan is the month of the colour green and everyone wears it.
Bimala Chaulagain, 48, of New Baneshwor believes that wearing green clothes, beads and bangles, applying henna and taking fasting by worshipping Lord Shiva on each Monday of the month could bring long life to her husband.
Many women are found following Shrawan rituals without knowing the religious beliefs and logic behind this.
They believe that wearing green accessories, putting mehendi and fasting on Mondays of the month are all customs associated with worshipping Shiva.
Others take it as mere fashion than the ritual. Whatever the case, wearing green and applying henna tattoo has been dominating the mind-set of the women and young girls residing across the cities of Nepal.

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