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By Roger Adhikari special to N24:
The current political environment in the country reminds me of the famous idiom, “all is fair in love and war”, except, I would replace the love with the word politics.

No one else, but to surprise of the Romney campaign and the “conservative entertainment complex”, President Barack Obama has been resoundingly reelected to his second term.

The Obama reelection has shaken the conservatives to their core. There is a lot of soul searching going on within the Grand Old Party – more so than the aftermath of any other Presidential elections in the recent history.

Each bona-fide member of the complex is coming up with his own interpretation – why Obama won and what does it mean by Obama win.

The new voice of the Republican tirade brigade and born again Birther, Donald Trump, tweeted after hearing Obama won the election. “”We can’t let this happen. We should march on Washington and stop this travesty. Our nation is totally divided!” He further commented ”Let’s fight like hell and stop this great and disgusting injustice! The world is laughing at us.”

So little he knows that the world is welcoming Obama‘s reelection. They are laughing because of the madness of the Republican Party and their detachment from reality.

The Vice Presidential candidate, Paul Ryan, who just loss the election, made comment that “Obama Win Given By ‘Urban’ Areas” – translation, he won because of the minority votes.
That would have been true if Obama had not won the predominately white and rural states like Iowa and New Hampshire, and many parts of Midwestern states.

In response to a reporter on Obama mandate, Ryan said that Obama has no mandate because, supposedly, after all, Republicans kept the majority in congress. By his definition, Nixon, Regan and Bush sr, none had any mandate because Democrats were in control of both houses in most of those years. How about George “W”, he got elected by the Supreme Court without popular vote? Did he have mandate to wage two wars?

The lantern bearer of the extreme right ideology and hate in chief of the talk radio, Rush Limbaugh, summed up his view, now, pretty much adopted by the complex echo chamber, including Mr Romney – “It’s Just very Difficult to Beat Santa Claus””. In English, Obama’s win is attributed to his promise to offer everything to everyone.

Let’s face the fact – Obama’s win is attributed to the same diverse coalition that propelled him to victory in his first Presidential election – the Latino, black, women, young and white Americans.

While, Romney and Ryan focused on one group of people; rural white, Obama was able to forge electoral bond with the people of all colors and creed that makes America America.

Obama’s win is also attributed to the fact that Romney alienated Hispanics, the fastest growing population in the country, by his strong opposition on immigration issues.

Finally, let’s not forget about President’s decision to bailout auto industry, strong support for the middle class, and asking Rich millionaires and billionaires to pay their fair share, also giving boost to his campaign in rust belt and elsewhere.

Although, Obama victory sign was written all over the wall weeks before election, people in “Bullshit Mountain”, aka Fox world, refused to accept it because of their own feel good polling data showed Romney landslide.

After yearlong campaign and final verdict by American people, one would think the election is over and country is, now, ready to move forward. But if you follow the GOP post election talking point, that won’t be apparent. The right wing is trying to score point for what they couldn’t do in the ballot box by clinging to Benghazi misfortune in a hope to nail President Obama.

Senator John McCain and Lindsey Graham, the supposedly sane Republican voices in the Senate, have called for Water Gate style hearing to find out what President knew and when did he know.

That is so hypocritical of this bunch. These are the same people, who opposed any kind of independent investigation on Iraq war despite overwhelming evidence of wrong doing by President Bush and his cronies. The war cost trillions of dollars and over four thousand American lives. Then, they labeled Democrats call for investigation as witch hunt.

However, in Libya, despite no evidence of intentional wrong doing by Obama administration, the duo would like to see full blown open and prolonged hearing that is conducted on rare occasions and only when probability of law broken is very high and cost to the country enormous.

Even when we know politics is cynical, should all be fair to bring down the opposition or we can have some decency?

For Indian tourists travelling by land:- 72 hours (-ve) C-19 report, CCMC form and Antigen Test at entry point

For Indian tourists travelling by land:- 72 hours (-ve) C-19 report, CCMC form and Antigen Test at entry point

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Information for Indian tourists travelling by land:- 72 hours (-) C-19 report, CCMC form and Antigen Test at entry point
Information for Indian tourists travelling by land:- 72 hours (-) C-19 report, CCMC form and Antigen Test at entry point
Information for Indian tourists travelling by land:- 72 hours (-) C-19 report, CCMC form and Antigen Test at entry point