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Several female sacrificed their conceit on the way to America: Crossing the border illegally 80 percent of female were raped

Kishor Panthi , New York: ‘I haven’t dreamed that I should have to sacrifice my prestige to come here in America”, on not mentioning her name a 32 years Sherpa girl uttered loud cries with the witted eyes .” On the way to come to the United States I was frequently raped. I felt that I was just like dead body and couldn’t feel that I was alive then”, she expressed her pain. While travelling on the illegal way to United States from Honduras through Mexico she was repeatedly raped by the brokers. She was 20 weeks pregnant while reaching New York. It was unknown to whom does an unwanted baby belong. She dreamed about America but has to own the nightmare of being raped repeatedly. Her story was so agonizing that was hard to bear listen. Commuting with the womb after being raped she decided to commit suicide and even prepared the suicide notes for it. After being in contact with one Nepalese social worker a hope of being alive was able to generate within her. She decide to go for abortion and initiate a new life. That social worker took her to Elmhurst Hospital located at Queens but the hospital rejected for the abortion. That social worker told us that as the health of the mother was very critical and as it was already 20 week pregency the hospital was afraid of abortion. After the hospital rejected they i were in more tension as there was a high risk of her of committing suicide.While going through various hospitals and private clinics one of the private clinic agreed to make abortion demanding 15 hundred us dollar as fee. As she was there paying 35 thousand US dollars to the human traffickers, she couldn’t afford any more for the abortion, she even couldn’t manage 15 dollars so gathering 15 hundred dollars is almost imaginary. With the support of that social worker they were able to collect required amount for abortion. Now a day she is having Babysitting job at New Jersey. The application she has applied for asylum is still pending.

Nepali Woman American Journey 2

‘It seems like a terrible dream.Please don’t ask me about the past, If I remember it I feel to die”, while she was telling this to us there was tears stream. She came here leaving her 10 years son and 8 years daughter with her husband , she still couldn’t tell this heart tendering story to her life partner. She worried whether her husband may leave her. “How to be there in society “, she said.
This is not the painful story of a single women mentioned above, Amnesty International report illustrate that while entering illegally to the US border through Mexico majority of women were raped and abused sexually. Amnesty International last report reveals that while entering US border illegally while being in the Central American countries almost 60% of the female were getting raped. But the Fusion Investigation reports reveals that 80% of female were getting raped . The above mentioned female told that she wasn’t only raped the other female who were traveling with her were also raped by the broker. She told that some female seemed like that they have agreed to have sexual relation with the brokers instead of paying money where as few were raped by making unconscious with the medicines.
Experts Immigration lawyer Basu Phulara says that,” before entering to the US border while moving from one place to another if they have money the broker won’t torture them.But contrary to this if they don’t afford demanded amount on the way then they will get torture or could become victim of sexual abuses. While coming through Mexico, some of the broker even leave the people into dense forest citing the lack of money. They even forced the people to get involved in drugs transporting and they do torture them with sexual abuse too. Nepalese women have also cope up these risks.”
While entering America not all the female get raped , there has been several examples that the several Nepali females have reached the US with the protection of some other Nepalese male of their group. A Nepali guy with the Adhikari surname told us that , while coming to the US there was one Latin American female in their group with whom the broker kept the sexual relations. It looks like that she has agreed to have sex instead of paying money to the brokers. He didn’t notice any Nepalese women getting raped in his group.Similarly, the guys with KC surname who has also come the US through the illegal way told us that in his group there was a female who was sexually abused by the broker before they got together. After begging in same group he has saved her by telling that they are wife and husband, since then the broker didn’t dare to abuse her.
Though the Nepalese female get sexually abused and even rapped repeatedly they won’t tell it to other, as there is no any probability of getting the culprit punished and they getting justice. It remained silently within themselves. KC told us that they don’t have option rather than to hide for a living their prestige with in the family members and within the society. Further he told that our society will always have disgraceful towards the victim rather than to culprit so its useless to break the silence.
lawyer Basu Phulara says,’while coming like that way if any Nepali female get raped on the way also they don’t tell other about it.They feel uncomfortable to tell other about it. But a study of the human rights reports reveals that several female gets raped repeatedly. There is no doubt that Nepali female has to bear several risks while coming to the US through Mexico though they get raped or not. As it has to pass through several countries and sometimes as they need to stay in the certain place for 15/20 days too, as a result of financial shortage or on any other case their may be high risk of sexual abuse by the broker.

Rape in the detention center:
As per the American government report nearly 4 per cent of prisoners get raped inside the prison in which the raped case among male are more than other .As per the latest report it is revealed that near about one hundred thousand prisoners gets raped every year and almost half of them is reported to be raped by prison employees.It’s not surprising such happening in those jails where the heinous criminal are kept.But it is surprising to know that in the Immigration detention center several incident of sexual abuse and raped case has been reported.
Not only the cases of male being raped by male while being in the same cell of the jail there happens to be a lot of cases where the guard of the immigration detention center have sexually alluring the female detainees by giving assurance to support them during the hearing of the case filed. As there is no provision of separate detention center for third gender there has been high chances for them getting raped. In the Eloy Federal Contract Facility, Arizonan it has reported recently that there was third transgender woman getting raped. There hasn’t been any such rape case or any sexual abuse case been reported regarding the Nepalese detenees. Regarding the mentioned issues the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) spokesman Vincent Pikard told us that Some new challenges have been added. As there has been new challenges emerged which hasn’t been deal by the law enforcement. As previously existed systems are being dissolved new challenges has been added, exactly it happened regarding the third gender detainee or prisoner. For the implementation of the facilities to all we have been gradually developing our system. Relying on the American law we have been reforming our system so as it doesn’t discriminate anyone.

The lawyer Basu Phulara told that he hasn’t heard about the Nepalese women reported regarding the sexual abuse within the immigration detention center. He told that several women are there in immigration detention center but comparatively the number of male is very big. We have been looking the cases of women who are detained in the immigration detention center. However, when compared female with male we come to know that comparatively high number of male are there who arrived the US through Mexico illegally. The female detainees resist to tell the reality because of their privacy reason.When we asked about the condition of the detention center or regarding any problem within the center they usually tell us that they were having very difficult situation on the way while coming to the US . Nepali female detainees hasn’t raised any issue regarding the detention center.

Published Date: Friday, August 7th, 2015 | 08:21 PM

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