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Savin’s name tattooed on Anu’s neck

Actress Anu is ahead of Sabin Shrestha in expressing love.

KATHMANDU: Actress Anu Shah and actor Sabin Shrestha have been in love for a long time. The couple, who have been covering up the affair for a few years, are now enjoying open love. They have not hesitated to express their love on social media since reaching out to each other at public events. There is even talk in the market that they have tied the knot.

It was reported that the couple got married in the Kathmandu District Court two years ago. However, they dismissed the rumors. Instead, they admitted that they were in a love affair. Savin and Anu have also worked together in some films. They were paired in the films ‘Adhi Bato’ and ‘Lakshya’. Currently, a couple are inactive in screening.

Actress Anu is ahead of Sabin Shrestha in expressing love. The accompanying photos have not been uploaded on any of the social networks where Sabin is active. Anuko, on the other hand, is timid with Facebook and Instagram. The extent to which she has given Savin a place in her life is also made clear by the tattoos on her body.

Anu has Savin’s name tattooed on her neck. She recently did a tattoo show during a photo shoot. The tattoos she has on her body show how special Savin is to her. However, there are very few examples of Nepali celebrities’ love affair lasting long. Let’s hope everything goes well between them till last.

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