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By Mannu Shahi, KATHMANDU: Living in global world where everything is available at our doorsteps has its perks and demerits; nonetheless it has surely provided us access to a variety of platforms for understanding our craft better. Internet not only became a medium for us to look upon to develop our skills but also an eye-opener or a pathfinder for so much that we were unaware of before its existence.
In the context of music alone, the internet has so many options for us to keep discovering new artists, new styles, newer experimentations and what not. So this visual flood of music happening all around the world has starting showing its effects even in the local scenes of Kathmandu.
Before the hay days of YouTube or even Facebook, the most popular style of music thriving in the streets of K-town were rock and its relative styles, adhunik and pop. But as people started discovering more styles of music making, the demands of these styles grew further and the artists working on building a career out of music began experimenting with different sounds, techniques and genres magnifying the structural sphere of the music industry altogether.
Thus at the present just in this small town built within the three cities intertwining one-another lives such a vibrant culture of endless amounts of artists trying to execute as many genres and styles of music as possible. However, this is not only the case of Kathmandu in particular as anywhere around the world tons of artists are striving to make their living out of genres of music one couldn’t even imagine existed. saturday
And today is no exception to these rapidly growing and changing arrays of musical varieties. Shisha Lounge & Bar, Thamel is hosting Kanta Dab Dab from 8pm for their chilled Saturday Soulful Fusion sessions. Kanta Dab Dab is a sitar, percussion and bass trio playing music comprising within the World Music genre and the entry is free.
Similarly, The Yard by Oasis Garden Homes is featuring What The Funk for some funky afternoon music from 3 to 7 pm. This band as their name states play funk music and are super excited to make you groove to their tunes with a cover charge of Rs. 300. And last but not the least; Central Food Courts is hosting a pop event as part of their series ‘Artist of the month’ featuring Paramita RL Rana with Piroo and Shike.

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