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Royalist rooting for end to republican set up in his own style

N24, KATHMANDU: Here is a singular instance of a Nepalese “scholar” coming up with strident remark saying India has damaged Nepalese political course.

The pseudo scholar in question is Dr Puspa Adhikari, who is associated with royalist elements in Nepal and what he said is being taken as an instance of taking hot pot shot at the republican set up while rooting for restoration of monachy in subtle manner as this.

The setting too is perfect and everything appears to be man made, with non-entity like Dr Adhikari getting to speak at Indian Military Academy. A rare privilege for someone who is a non-entity back home.

Taking hot pot shot at the Indian political establishment at Indian Military Academy is itself a man made circus with the Indian side trying to send an impression that Nepalese are not happy with what is in place in Nepal.

In a way it is a background score that suggests India has a role to play in Nepal.

He has been reported to have said that the Indian side has ruined Nepal by sub-letting her time tested and age old traditional relationship to the government that is Leftist.

He has further been reported to have reinforce the general criticism that “the result is obvious that those who were ‘craned’ to power virtually could not exercise anything, rather Nepal is in the verge to collapse as a nation-state”.

He then warns India by stating, in his own words, “The implication of Nepal’s failure will ultimately have a serious consequence to India herself as Nepal borders the most populous states of India-Uttar Pradesh and Bihar”

It is an encouragement to dislodge the republican set up and restore monarchy.

There is more “If Nepali situation goes out of hand and the country disintegrates on ethnic lines, its first impact would be on Uttar Pradesh and Bihar as similar politico-economic and social dynamism exist there”.

Some more disastrous consequences for India Dr. Adhikari predicts in case Nepal becomes unstable for this or that reason.

There is much more: Those who have been using the cause of Dalits and poor in Nepal to destabilise the country will see a green pasture in both the populous states in India once Nepal succumbs”.

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