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Research on modern Nepali fine arts stressed

KATHMANDU: The question – when the modern Nepali fine arts began- is still a disputed one in Nepal. In this context, the artists have underscored the need to conduct thorough research on the history of Nepali modern fine arts.
They also said that the artists had differing views on who had introduced modern fine arts to Nepal. Whether they were Bhajuman and Dirghaman Chitrakar, Rajanman Chitrakar who were educated by the British artist Brian Hudson, and Chandraman Singh Maskey and Tej Bahadur Chitrakar and Lain Singh Bangdel who studied in Europe is still contentious, according to the speakers.
At a programme organized by the Society of Fine Arts Journalists (SOFAJ) Nepal, President of the Society of Modern Artists (SOMA) Shankarraj Singh Suwal and its other office-bearer univocally pressed for studies on the Nepali modern arts.
The Society is going to organize an art exhibition at Nepal Art Council where as many as 16 paintings by the students of Bangdel will be put on display from coming Monday.
SOFAJ’s President, and its advisor Shyam Rimal said that SOFAJ had been continuously whetting discussions on the concept of arts. They underlined the need for the Nepal Academy of Fine Arts, Nepal Art Council, SOMA among other organizations to advance the cause of fine arts in Nepal.
Singh remembered
On the occasion, critic, litterateur and journalist Narayan Bahadur Singh was remembered. Singh is attributed for streamlining the writings on Nepali fine arts.
Artist Laxman Bhujel said that Singh had significantly contributed to the review of arts, history, journalism and literature. He spoke of the need to compile the unpublished write-ups of Singh and publish them as a book.
Similarly, NAFA’s scholar Ramesh Khanal said that Singh’s book should be considered for publication again.
SOFAJ has been awarding two fine arts journalists in memory of the late Singh for four years.

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