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Reconciliation between Actress Puja And Journalist Subedi through MoU

The filmmakers are happy that the dispute between the two has been resolved through talks.
(Screenshot of program ‘Rajapat’ from Youtube)

KATHMANDU:- The dispute between actress Pooja Sharma and journalist Prakash Subedi has finally ended. On Thursday, at the office of AP One Television, they signed a memorandum of understanding saying that mutual harmony will not deteriorate in the future. The dispute between the actress and the journalist has been resolved under the guidance of people from various organizations including Film Artists Association, Producers Association and Film Association.

The Memorandum of understanding (MoU) between journalist Subedi and actress Sharma has been signed by Rabindra Khadka, president of Artists’ Association, Akash Adhikari, president of Producers’ Association and Janak Karki, acting president of Dancers’ Association. They have also agreed to put an end to the disagreements and complaints against journalist Subedi’s program ‘Rajatpat’.

The MoU said, “In the future, both sides should be sensitive and vigilant towards respecting each other’s professions and personal interests, keeping abreast of the prevailing laws and codes of conduct while maintaining their professional dignity.”The filmmakers are happy that the dispute between the two has been resolved through talks.

Pooja had lodged a complaint against journalist Subedi in various organizations related to the film, saying that Prakash had used insulting words targeting her in the ‘Rajatpat’ program. Journalist Prakash had apologized through a video after there was widespread protest on social media over his words. However, Pooja had been insisting that he should apologize in writing.

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