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Realities of ANA Conference

Purushottam Dhakal, New York, USA: Although there is one night left for the 31st New York Conference of Association of Nepalese in America (ANA), there have been debates in support and against the convention. Despite debate either in favor or against the conference the organizers have been trying to make good profit from the conference.

Organizers hope to make 50 thousand dolor profit:
Organizers used to have some profit in the past conferences as well but during this conference the organizers are mulling to have hefty amount of profit. Main convener of the ANA conference says, “There is possibility of more than 50 thousand profit from this ANA conference. If all the tickets are sold and if there are some new sponsors the profit could reach to 70 thousand dolor.”
The organizers however informed that the profit made from the conference will be spent in social work. “We will spend some portion of the profit in the areas of health and education in Nepal, while will be supporting some money to non-profit organizations based in the US,” Maharjan added.

Expenditure of the Conference decreased:
The organizers have expected that it would cost 200 thousand dolor for organizing the ANA conference and allocated the fund accordingly. The amount was allocated to conduct the conference in a gala manner but the expenditure has decreased to 150 thousand dolor.
Coordinator Maharjan informed that all the activities will be completed within 150 thousand dolor. This is quiet huge investment as compared to past conferences. We have spent more money for the publicity to inform general people about the conference. Various people residing in New York were also incorporated in different committees formed for holding the conference as a result those, who have been criticizing the ANA have been supporting the conference.

Profit of previous years:
There used to be profit while organizing ANA conference. There was profit of 25 thousand dolor while organizing ANA conference in Texas in 2012, while there was a profit of around 10 thousand dolor while conducting ANA conference in Baltimore in 2011. It is said that there was misappropriation of money while organizing ANA conference in Boston. The organizers presented the report of 80 thousand loss during the conference. The Executive Committee has informed that they are investigating the income and expenditure of previous conferences as well. Interim Chairperson of the ANA Chewang Lama informed that in the past the fund was being spent haphazardly. “We have been reducing unnecessary expenditure and using the money in social works,” he added.

Property of ANA:
ANA is not only the old organization of Nepalese in America but also a rich organization. ANA has property worth 1.5 million dolor, while it has 38 thousand 571 dolor cash in its account. The main sources of Income are the membership fees, donation collected for different social organizations. 11 thousand dolor have been spent for Rural Development Project of Nepal. The land purchased in Maryland for constructing the Pashupati and Buddha temple is the main property of ANA.

15 thousand dolor from Nepal Stall:
It is informed that 15 business stalls will be exhibited during the ANA conference. Nepali entrepreneurs will pay 15 thousand dolor for these business stall. The organizers informed that these stalls would help to increase export of Nepalese good in the United States.
Apart from this there are three packages for sponsoring the conference comprising 15 thousand US dolor, 5 thousand US dolor and 3 thousand US dolor under Platinum, Silver and Gold Package.
Similarly, the exhibitors have to pay 15 hundred dolor for a stall in ANA conference, while 12 hundred dolor shall be charged for putting a table in the areas where the movement is frequent.

Sports Events:
Sports events will be organized for three days during the conference. Over seven hundred players will take part in the sports event. This is the first time so many people are participating in the sports events. The organizers informed that they were encouraged from the interest shown by the participants.
Maharjan informed that the sports events will take place along with inaugural program and there will be competition on soccer, basketball, golf, volley ball and table tennis.

No New York Chapter:
ANA however will not select new leadership during the conference. Although it is said that this is a conference, it will be like a fate. Although it was said that ANA New York Chapter will be formed after the conference but the organizers informed that they will not form such chapter. Maharjan informed that there is no possibility of such chapter.
The conference of ANA took place in Texas last year and formed the Texas Chapter. Pasang Lama coordinated the conference held from 29 June to 1st July 2012.

Fifth Conference taking place in New York:
Of the 30 conferences of ANA this is the fifth conference that is taking place in New York. ANA was formed in 1983 and ANA conferences took place in New York in the years 1983, 1988, 1992 and 2006.
The organizers informed that over five thousand people will take part in the conference. Various seminars will take place during the conference period.

For Indian tourists travelling by land:- 72 hours (-ve) C-19 report, CCMC form and Antigen Test at entry point

For Indian tourists travelling by land:- 72 hours (-ve) C-19 report, CCMC form and Antigen Test at entry point

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