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Public offices witness deluge of service seekers with resumption of service delivery

(The ban announced by the government due to the corona virus has been eased since Monday. The notice has been posted on the landfill only for Bhaktapur Municipality, Madhyapur Thimi Municipality, Suryabinayak Municipality and Changunarayan Municipality. Bhaktapur, June 1: Ratna Shrestha-RSS)

Kalika Khadka, Sanchita Ghimire, KATHMANDU:-All government and non-government offices have reopened today followinga halt of almost three months due to lockdown over COVID-19. The governmenttook the decision to relax the lockdown enforcement to reopen the offices. With this, there hasbeen a pressure of service seekers. The government had imposed nationwidelockdown on March 24 over the infection outbreak and decided to ease it byreopening government and non-governmental offices from today. The government has urged service providers and seekers to maintain social distancing and keep health security measures while receiving and delivering service. Service providers have been asked to alternate their duty. The Supreme Court and district courts have also extended their service. “Service will be delivered by keeping security as coronavirus risks have not been completely removed,” said the apex court’s spokesperson Debendra Dhakal.Banks, financial institutions, insurance companies and administration of educational institutions (teaching-learning activities have remained closed) have reopened.There has been a slim presence of service seekers at cooperatives, it has been said. However, branches of commercial and development banks have witnessed a dense presence of service seekers today. The government has also allowed operation of transport system on odd and even number basis. Drivers and commuters have been asked to maintain social distancing and use face masks and sanitizers. Transport operators have been asked to make arrangements for commuters to use a single seat in a row. Almost all staff of the Teku-based Vehicle Fitness Test Center went to the office today as there are a smaller number of employees. According to office chief, Maniram Bhusal, 14, out of 16, reached the office today while two are presently out ofthe Kathmandu Valley. ” We have maintained the physical distancing and taken other preventive measures,” he said. Some employees used private vehicles, some took the help of office vehicles and those residing nearby areas walked up to the office. The transportationarrangements have been made as per the convenience of employees, it is said.As shared by Lalitpur metropolis chief administrative officer Prem Prasad Bhattarai, they witnessed a quiet flow of service seekers on the very first day of the reopening of the office. The office has managed a two-shift duty schedule for its employees as per the government decision. However, works to distribute relief assistance and COVID-19 testing and other emergency ones were continued during the lockdown. The office also did its best to observe social distancing during the office hours. The National Human Rights Commission had not suspended the registration of complaints and their address during the lockdown. Only required employees were visiting the office at those moments. But, with the government decision to ease the lockdown, all employees were summoned for shift-wise duty hours on a rotational basis. There was a people’s movement since 8:00 am today in Singha Durbar, the country’s chief administrative center. Though employees were there for the first-shift duty, service seekers arrived only after 10:00 am. A crowd of people could be seen in the south entrance to the Singha Durbar. A health team was there to measure the body temperature of service seekers. RSS

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