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Provisions to destabilize Nepal already included in the constitution: Prime Minister Oli

Prime Minister Oli has said that the parliament was dissolved on his recommendation for the first time, but this time the parliament was not dissolved on his recommendation.

N24 Correspondent, KATHMANDU:- Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has said that the provision to destabilize Nepal has already been included in the constitution.

He also said that a majority government would not be formed as long as the current system of electing the prime minister from the parliament remains in place.

In an interview with Nepal Television, Prime Minister Oli said that the talk of a stable government for five years was only to confuse the people.

Prime Minister Oli has said, “As long as there is a system of electing the prime minister from the parliament, two or more parties have to form a government.” It is not possible to get an absolute majority in this constitutional system. Arrangements have already been made to destabilize Nepal. ‘

He says, ‘The constitution says that a government formed by two or more parties will not last for five years as soon as the participating parties split or the supporting party withdraws its support or the parties split. … There is no question of a perfect majority. Either an alternative government has to be formed, where is the five-year vision? ‘

Explaining the articles of the constitution, he said, “If five years have been envisaged, the no-confidence motion in the House of Representatives on December 20 is not a game of registration.” And to lie that the concept was permanent, to confuse the people? Explain and tell lies to the people? ‘

Oli has also remarked that the decisions of the Supreme Court, which have been unfavorable to the government for the last time, are of the nature of not allowing the government to work and failing. He has mentioned that the caretaker government has repeatedly expanded the cabinet even before this.

Giving examples of the work done by Madhav Nepal before the new constitution was drafted and by Sher Bahadur Deuba after the new constitution was drafted, Prime Minister Oli said, “No one should be registered against the work done by anyone.” But, the work done by someone is done by searching. ‘

He further said, “There is such a situation of floods and landslides. Kovid 19 has such an epidemic, there is no health minister. The court states that it is a principle of necessity when it is necessary. Does the Home Minister fall under the principle of necessity during floods and landslides, does the Minister of Health fall under the principle of necessity during such epidemics? The constitution has provided for a cabinet of up to 25 people with a minimum of four ministers. It is said that the country, the country and the government will not function if the minimum is less than that. ‘

Prime Minister Oli has said that the parliament was dissolved on his recommendation for the first time, but this time the parliament was not dissolved on his recommendation.

Prime Minister Oli has said that for the first time I had proposed dissolution. I was going to make a recommendation from the Council of Ministers to the President to fix the date of the House of Representatives. That was my recommendation. This time the recommendation is not mine. As per Article 76 (5) of the Constitution, the Prime Minister cannot be appointed on the recommendation of the Council of Ministers or Article 76 (7) of the Constitution cannot be appointed by the Prime Minister or the Prime Minister cannot get a vote of confidence.

He goes on to say – there is no ‘but’ – ‘if’. After the Prime Minister could not be appointed, 76 (7) says that on the recommendation of the Prime Minister, the President will dissolve the House of Representatives and set a new date for the election. That is why this time I have not recommended, the constitution has recommended.

Prime Minister Oli has also claimed that if the government is not formed, elections can be held at any time as per the provisions of the constitution.

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