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Province Assembly meeting of Province No 1 postpone

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BIRATNAGAR: Speaker of Province No 1 Pradeep Kumar Bhandari postponed today’s meeting of the Province Assembly after the parliamentarians from the opposition party protested at the meeting.
The parliamentarians from the major opposition party Nepali Congress (NC) and CPN (Maoist Centre) raised a point of order and protested by standing from their respective seats after Speaker Bhandari read out the letter which had notified about the expulsion of provincial parliamentarian Tanka Angbo from the post of parliamentarian after he entered CPN (UML). The central committee of CPN (Maoist Centre) had expelled Ango, who had represented CPN (Maoist Centre) in the parliament but had joined another party which was deemed against the party’s statute and acts.
Speaker Bhandari repeatedly requested the protesting parliamentarians to be seated in their respective places which went unheeded. The Speaker thereafter adjourned the meeting until 1 pm on Friday. Earlier in the meeting, NC’s parliamentary party’s whip Suryamaraj Rai had demanded adequate resources to run development works in the province which, he argued, had become weak financially and politically.
He also appealed to the Speaker not to let the parliament run until the provincial government answers the questions raised in the parliament.

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