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Priyanka’s question: Aren’t women artists worthy of respect?

Priyanka wrote a long status on Facebook and said that she was worried when she saw female artists constantly suffering from narrow mindedness.
Kollywood actress Priyanka Karki. Photo Courtesy: blogograph

KATHMANDU:- The Nepali film industry has come to a complete shutdown after the government locked down the whole nation to prevent Corona’s spread. When all the work related to film production, screening and distribution was stopped, the actors have become idle. At this time, there should be a debate among the filmmakers about the strategy to be adopted to return the film sector to its previous state. However, no one is willing to spend time on it.

The most controversial area during lockdown is the film industry. Every week for five months, the film industry has been embroiled in controversy. Sushma Karki, Varsha Raut, Deepashree Niraula, Pooja Sharma, and others became controversial and criticized for not knowing how to speak in the media. The film industry is also abuzz with allegations of mistreatment of Bhuvan KC by Samragyee RL Shah.

Actress Pooja Sharma and journalist Prakash Subedi have been at loggerheads for some time now. Actress Sharma objected after journalist Subedi uttered the word ‘Dare’ in AP One’s ‘Rajatpat’ program. She has lodged a complaint with various organizations related to Nepali film saying that the word is aimed at her. While this controversy is not resolved, another controversy has erupted in the film industry.

Actresses have protested against the news published by a media that actress Priyanka Karki, who was spoiled before marriage, has become cultured after marriage. Expressing dissatisfaction over the news, Priyanka wrote a long status on Facebook and said that she was worried when she saw female artists constantly suffering from narrow mindedness.

Expressing dissatisfaction over the news,.Tagging the status of some female artists, she wrote, “Are your daughters cultured or not?” Get married. Cover your body. After covering the body with a stove, the daughters become cultured. Don’t dream. Don’t get caught up in things like career and ambition. The daughter’s house and the wedding will last if she knows how to cook and dress. And if the marriage doesn’t last the girl is uncultured.

She argues that she is afraid of narrow-minded people and that such people are in a position to ‘influence’ society. She goes on to say, “We are living in constant jealousy, sometimes to fulfill greed, sometimes from journalists to artists and even the general public.” We are making the society even more negative towards female artists, saying that when it comes to selling news and when it comes to yesterday, it is ridiculous. ‘

She also questioned whether our social responsibility is over. ‘The general public understands what is shown. Aren’t women artists worthy of respect? ‘, She writes further,’ Are we limited to ‘selling news’ and’ hot gossip ‘?’. Priyanka’s status has also been shared by Rima Bishwakarma, Keki Adhikari, Swastima Khadka, Varsha Raut, and others.

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