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Prime Minister Oli remains insincere to greater cause. Period.

N24 Correspondent, KATHMANDU: Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli swept the last election on the promise of bringing about a total change and more than that on the pledge to lead the nation on the path of rapid economic development. Someone who seemed to know what exactly are people looking forward to hear, Oli soon turned into a darling of the voters and voted him to office with tremendous backing.

Somewhere he appeared to copy Indian counterpart Narendra Modi even in speeches he used to make among the people. He demonstrated tremendous attention to detail in the art of public speaking. Perhaps he was the most preferred public speaker at a point of time shortly before and after the last general election which voted him to power. Modi has tended to translate what he pledged given the initial media reports that he may be returning to power but there is nothing by way of assurance that Nepal may vote Oli back to power should the country go to polls now.

Oli has in the meantime after riding to power wasted his time on party affairs rather than the issue of leading the nation on the rapid economic development path. Much against the initial belief that he would soon lead the nation as well as the bureaucracy and take up the challenge of giving impetus to development efforts soon started crumbling given how he wasted time on party matters. Media report has even quoted his father saying his son has been insincere since childhood.

Someone who had dealt with Prachanda successfully and taken over the party leadership in his hand there was no reason for Oli to pander to the demands of the party rank and file citing the need to lead the nation on the economic front. Need on his part was to convince the united outfit that if the party failed to deliver on the promises made there would be nothing to lead after the next election.

Those who had turned into his fans before the election cannot be expected to go for him in future. More so in the light of worsening economic and social scenario with price rise hitting the all time high and urban and rural population finding themselves fallen into the fire from the frying pan or so to say. The promise of creating economic activities has not found space in the government policies and program leave alone doing something concrete. At best rent seeking mentality is working to put an end to any hope for good now and next.

There is more to the underlying rot. Oli has heavily lost his charm in the way he has devoted himself to the presidency and working to earmark unprecedented budget for the president. This has come at a time when general public is tired of president and her entourage going around capital street on what are often cited as part of public engagement. Expansion of the presidential residence has drawn tremendous ire and will reflect on next election.

There has been series of events which have reflected badly on PM Oli and one of them is one involving General Secretary Bishnu Paudel. He has proved himself to be a big fish in the dirty pond. Of course this is not all. The litany of disaster is too long and will continue to foster disenchantment again Oli.

Inter alia, this has excited Congress party corrupt brigade which seems to say that next election would put Congress back to power. So Nepal is highly like to see game of see-saw and merry-go-round in years to come while ill-informed media and civil society grow more and more redundant rather than shape opinion and lead change.

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