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While many countries are supporting their citizens with sophisticated health safety-nets and various relief funds. But, under developed country like Nepal is still facing challenges with vulnerable populations and limited resources to respond to the pandemic. The consequences of pandemic and lockdown on socioeconomic, mental health and other aspects is occuring in Nepalese society.
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By N24 STAFF WRITER, KATHMANDU:- Day by day COVID-19 cases has been detected more in Kathmandu valley.

According to the Ministry of Health and Population, August 14, 2020, 594 COVID-19 cases were found out of which 83 in Kathmandu, 30 Lalitpur, and 6 from Bhaktapur.” August 16, 2020, out of 641,123 from Kathmandu, 38 Lalitpur, and 8 from Bhaktapur. August 17, 2020, out of 581, 139 from Kathmandu, 15 Lalitpur, and 14 from Bhaktapur. August 18, 2020, out of 205,138 Kathmandu, 50 Lalitpur, and 17 Bhaktapur. Dr.Jageshwor Gautam spokesperson of Ministry of Health and Population informed in the daily press briefing.

A local from Boudha, Kathmandu Khendo Subba said,” Before I used to go out frequently but now I visit less as in Kathmandu valley also Covid-19 cases.” As I’m a student of grade-9 so I don’t have any work for that I stay at home by taking online classes. So, what I suggest my friends to not out for unnecessary work. In case of an emergency, we should wear proper masks, wear gloves, and carry sanitizer. And I have been also doing the same.

Similarly, a local from Boudha, Janak Moktan, said, “As I have been working in restaurants at Tusal so for that I carry the required things like sanitizer gives and wear masks.” But now in our restaurant we only provide home delivery, take way facility so it has to make it easy and safe for us. Our safety depends upon us so for that we ourselves should be aware of COVID-19.” We should be safe and should also save others.” For safety, we have been maintaining a social distance so till now.

With this, the Covid-19 cases reached 28,257 including 17,580 cases have been recovered and the rate of death cases reached 114.

According to Dr. Vijay Prasad Associate Professor, Patan United Campus, Patandhoka Lalitpur said, “Citizens should leave home only if there is an urgent need. And, always wear the mask while going out. It is better to carry sanitizer. From time to time, as soon as the hand touches the parts of the body and wash the hand with soap, don’t go to crowded places while going out, maintain social distance. Do not touch the mask repeatedly with your hands; do not touch any part of the body until you have washed your hands, stop talking on the phone on the way. “

Citizens are equally to blame for the increase in cases of COVID-19 in Kathmandu due to a lack of public awareness and a lack of proper management by the government. Some pretend to wear masks only after seeing the police officer, it is as the driver of the vehicle also do the same after they saw traffic police and close the door of the vehicle.

Public transport is running but passengers seem to be stuck as there is a situation where the police have to stop and tell only one person to sit in on seat. Most of the transportation has not fulfilled the rules of social distancing in buses, tempos, and microbuses which has increased the risk.

There are also many people who come secretly from outside Kathmandu valley. Citizens do not trust what the government does so they haven’t cooperated with the government as the government and the media have accused the government of corruption. But the public is breaking government rules out of necessity and compulsion. In order to prevent this, the pride that the government has shown that I am capable of doing it myself must be stopped immediately. Leaders of the opposition also think that they have done a great job in abusing the government.

The decision has been imposing to make a PCR test for those who enter Kathmandu from outside and make a rule to stay in the room by maintaining social distance. He added many problems can be solved if the government can make arrangements in toll plazas to solve the main daily problems of the citizens.

To solve the problem, do the following:

i)Public transport should not be forced even if it is forced on other means of transportation. As soon as public transport is reduced, the passenger distance in the vehicle increases and the social distance is not completed.

ii)Passengers are also forced to board due to a lack of public transport. It is necessary to pay attention to this.

iii)It is equally important to test the quality of the mask.

iv)Passengers should be allowed to travel by domestic flights.

v)Arrangements to go to their home address can be more at the expense of the citizens rather than stopping at the border.

vi)The scope of the PCR test should be increased.

vii)The habit of maintaining social distance in the home of every citizen should be developed.

viii)Measures to avoid COVID-19 should be more publicized and home remedies, catering should be requested.

ix)Since COVID-19 has a high number of people who are demented or have committed suicide due to mental illness, the local government should identify such people and encourage them to provide treatment or deduct in.

x)It is necessary to create a working environment for the employees from home and to reduce the external activities of the citizens as much as possible by closing down the services other than the essential services.

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