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Prachanda’s ‘Lizard Like’ Loyalty To Deuba

Is The Maoist Supremo Ready For A Change Of Government?

By N24 Correspondent, KATHMANDU:- Literally from dawn to dusk, Nepal Communist Party (Maoist Center)’s Chairperson Pushpa Kamal Dahal “Prachanda” has been heard reiterating that he now favors Nepali Congress President Sher Bahadur Deuba as the next Prime Minister of Nepal.

Prachanda, to this effect, has also held several rounds of one-on-one talks with Deuba. However, to his surprise and to nobody’s surprise actually, Deuba has not yet trusted what Prachanda has been touting, of late.

“Prachanda is not a person to be trusted,” this is what Deuba strongly believes in.

“Prachanda talks about the change of government but he has not officially withdrawn his party’s support to the incumbent government,” Deuba said, adding that “withdrawal of Maoists’ support to the government should be the first step towards paving way for the next government.”

Deuba has logic and bitter experience of the past as to how Prachanda fooled him around and other key power players with his “lizardly” behaviors and camouflage skills.

In the mayoral election of Bharatpur Metropolitan City in Prachanda’s home district Chitwan, there was no chance that Prachanda’s daughter Renu Dahal would win the election. Deuba felt pity on Prachanda, as Nepali Congress decided to support Renu in the election, who then overcame a challenge of a CPN (UML) candidate to win the election.

Setting up a height of fraud and ungratefulness towards Deuba, Prachanda then formed an election coalition with the CPN (UML) in the parliamentary election and later merged his party with the UML to form Nepal Communist Party (NCP), which is now invalid with a Supreme Court verdict.

Former NC President and PM Girija Prasad Koirala played a major role in bringing the Maoists and its supremo Prachanda from their hideouts in the jungles of Rukum and Rolpa, shun violence, sign peace agreement and ultimately join the mainstream of politics.

At the height of deceitfulness, Prachanda refused to extend cooperation to Koirala and moved back from his earlier commitment to support Koirala as the first President of a Republic Nepal set up after the abolition of monarchy. Even after his death, Koirala has his own height in Nepal’s politics and he is more revered then he would have been revered as the first President of Nepal. However, what bothers the most is the fraudulent activities of Prachanda even against a political figure like GP Koirala.

Since joining the mainstream of politics some 13 and half years ago, Prachanda has earned a “brand name” for himself that he is Mr. Untrustworthy, who believes in camouflaging himself because of his hangover with his old days of being underground for an unrealistic guerrilla war.

Prachanda’s famous brand name compels everybody to compare him with a beautiful creature of Mother Earth – a lizard. Lizards are famous for being able to change their body color according to a situation. And so is Mr. Prachanda.

Deuba is right not to trust Prachanda until Prachanda signs the solid blue prints – the A4 sized hard copies – similar to the peace agreement he signed back in 2006. And one thing would still be missing – the finger prints of Prachanda, which would make him remarkably vulnerable for a deceit again.


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