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Prachanda’s Denial Of Tentative Agreement With PM Oli

Saga Of A Man, Who Changes His Words More Than His Clothes, Literally!

N24 Staff Writer, KATHMANDU:- In Nepal’s politics, if one has to pinpoint to a politician, who cannot keep his word and is not even able to brave a small wind – forget about a hurricane – then the picture of none, but communist leader Pushpa Kamal Dahal “Prachanda” just pops up in everybody’s mind.

Since the day Prachanda apparently quit the armed rebellion against the state and became public leaving behind his jungle hideout days, he has been changing his voice and words, as if he would alter spoons for appetizer, then for lunch and finally for the dessert.

When the UN was facilitating the Maoist militia’s placements in temporary cantonments as a part of a peace process, Prachanda lied to the agony of everybody that he or his militia did not possess lots of guns and bullets as they were washed away by the flash floods.

Late Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala played a key role in bringing Prachanda and company to the mainstream of politics encouraging them to shun violence and contribute to the development of Nepal. The first peace accord was signed between the then PM Koirala and Prachanda.

In the later days, Prachanda revolved politics in a way he could not be trusted anymore. Koirala was his savior, as he brought Prachanda from the jungle to a decent compounded bungalow of Kathmandu. Prachanda forgot the favor Koirala granted to him and attempted to conspire against Koirala, thus digging a political grave for Prachanda himself.

When everybody was calling the economic blockade of India a blockade, Prachanda could not be gutsy enough to call it a blockade. When China was indirectly allowing India to build a road in Limpiadhura, Lipulekh and Kalapani areas of Nepal to connect with the Tibetan pilgrim site of Kailash Man Sarovar, it was only Prachanda, who failed to protest against China.

And now, even after agreeing with PM KP Sharma Oli to diffuse party disputes of the ruling Nepal Communist Party (NCP) by holding a General Convention in November / December this year, Prachanda turned 180 degrees away from his own words to claim that he did not reach any understanding with the PM yet.

“Prachanda is a character that we have been tolerating in Nepal’s mainstream politics for more than one and half decades now,” said a political analyst, who did not want to be named. “He is very unstable, highly untrustworthy and cannot take a stand for long. He is also fearful that at some point of time, he will be dragged to the Hague International Criminal Court for his war crimes and that he may have to spend rest of his life behind bars.”

“Once Prachanda said that he was not responsible for the killing of 17,000 Nepalese people and that he was responsible only for the deaths of 5,000 people in the so-called people’s war (1996-2006). Even when Prachanda is made liable for the deaths of 5,000 people, he may have to spend 100,000 years behind bars with 20 years jail term for the death of one person, each.”

Meanwhile, PM Oli has stressed that he is ready to hand over party’s chairmanship through the General Convention to the most suitable candidate, but the candidate has to accept the principles of multiparty democracy first.

“This term and condition on behalf of the PM has been laid out keeping in mind the unstable nature of Prachanda and that he may deviate back to his jungle days, or towards a totalitarian communist regime, quitting the mainstream politics,” said the analyst.

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