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Prachanda says party will stick to ethnic federalism

KATHMANDU: UCPN-Maoist Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal has reiterated that there could be no compromise on identity-based federalism.

Receiving a memorandum submitted by representatives of different political parties and organizations at his own residence today, the former Prime Minister made it clear that the Maoist party has not given up its stance on identity-based federalism, according to Dahal’s aide Shiva Khakurel.

On the occasion, Dahal stressed on strengthening national unity by restructuring the ‘old’ structure of the country. “All discriminations and oppressions on indigenous, Dalit, women, and people of boondocks should be brought to an end by providing them with equal rights by the state,” he said.

The Maoist chairman said that a huge battle was underway whether or not to federate the country based on identity and added, “This is the fight for justice, pride and independence for all workers and people of suppressed and discriminated communities by the old state apparatus.”

Dahal warned that situation to impose unitary totalitarianism could arise if this battle was not won.

Chairman Dahal said the Maoist party has come to this stage from signing the 12-point agreement with the purpose of making a new and equitable nation and added that People’s War and People’s Movement-II were fought for the same cause of equality.

Dahal said, “Brokers and feudalists are conspiring to give a communal shape to the battle fought for ethnic liberation and equal rights. We all have to fight against such conspiracy.”

He also ruled out the rumors that Maoists had quit the demand for identity-based federalism. “It is wrong to say that Maoists gave up the demand for identity-based federalism.”

“The suppressed communities should be provided with autonomy with right to self-determination and state-restructuring should be done on the same basis. This is Maoist party’s stance,” he added.

“Anti-federalists have been audacious to capture the streets. You have to counter that by being disciplined in a peaceful way,” Dahal added. RSS

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