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Prachanda says party made 12 mistakes after 12 point agreement

KATHMANDU: Chairman of UCPN (Maoist) Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has said that his party made a dozen mistakes since signing the 12-point agreement with the then seven political parties’ alliance (SPA).

Then CPN (Maoist) and the SPA had signed the 12-point agreement in 2005 to join hands and jointly fight against monarchy.

Presenting his political document at the party’s Seventh Plenum that began in the capital on Tuesday, Chairman Dahal admitted that his party committed a mistake by failing to clarify the party organizations in joining the peace process after the armed conflict while problems were faced to mobilize the party with a new spirit.

Similarly, Dahal has stated that the role of the party to conclude the Constituent Assembly (CA) election was not sufficient and the party also failed to exhibit its maturity after becoming the single largest party in the CA.

The report has stated that the party’s presence in vital positions was not sufficient as arrogance ruled the roost, creating problems in the party’s roles.

Similarly, in his document Dahal has said that party’s role in the Madhes Movement was not effective, which led to the party loosing its strength in the Tarai.

Likewise, Dahal has noted that the cadres were disappointed after the party failed to launch effective agitations over the issue of civilian supremacy after the President reversed the decision to sack Army Chief Rukmangad Katwal. Nevertheless, the movement was successful in establishing the issue of civilian supremacy among the country people.

Chairman Dahal has stated, “Party made a mistake in the issue of army integration while signing the seven-point agreement with the major political parties on November 1, 2011. The Maoist party signed the agreement with flexibility hoping that the constitution would come but it failed to bear the expected fruit as the parliamentary parties obstructed the constitution writing process.”

Similarly, pushing crucial issues like state restructuring and forms of governance to the last in course of the constitution writing process was a blunder, Dahal has said in his political document.

Chairman Dahal has stated that serious doubts have been raised over whether the achievements so far could be institutionalized by believing the parliamentary parties.

Similarly, Dahal has admitted that the party failed to maintain proper coordination between the government, parliament and the street protests. He has also stressed to move ahead by correcting the mistakes committed by the party.

He has suggested informing the party cadres about the national and international situation as early as possible.

Dahal has also admitted a mistake of the in giving less attention to leadership development of second generation of leaders and lack of clear concept on women’s issues.

In his political document, Dahal has stressed for completing the tasks of peace and constitution writing to institutionalize the achievements of people’s war and the people’s movement.

Likewise, he has proposed party’s general convention and making the party’s organizations prompt and well functioning.

Describing the breakaway from the party to form the CPN-Maoist as an act of ideological deviation, the UCPN (Maoist) Chairman Dahal has made it clear that he was ready for party unity. RSS

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