Prachanda and Khilraj have been taking the country towards collusion course: Upendra Yadav, Chairperson of MJF Nepal

 Do you believe the election would take place on November 19?

The election would be possible if the 25-point decree issued by the president for forming the Chief Justice led government is amended and four major political parties prepare foundation for holding the election by creating supportive environment for it.

Do you participate in the elections conducted by incumbent government?

There is no meaning of discussing whether the incumbent government is holding the election or other government. If there is conducive environment for elections, we will take part on it. The major issue is that whether our 13-point agreement is addressed or not rather than who is leading the government.

It is already said that your demands would not be fulfilled.

If they could not address our demands they could not hold the election as well. The election would take place only after replacing the incumbent government. The election would not take place till our demands are fulfilled. If the government tries to hold the election by the means of force people will retaliate against it and the country will face internal conflict. I think Khil Raj Regmi became the chief of the government as an award of dissolving the constituent assembly through the verdict of the Supreme Court. While observing the activities of the incumbent government it is directed towards ending the achievements of People’s movements.

If the government conducts election even you are not taking part on it?

The government does not have such courage. Holding the election forcefully is the attempt to finish the achievements of different movements. The appointment of Khil Raj Regmi and Lok Man Singh Karki are such attempts. There have been attempts to create conflict in the country by raising the issue of election and other issues.

Prachanda, who has proposed for the Republic set-up, has played important role for forming this government, so, how can you claim that?

We need to be clear that who has brought Prachanda into the power. The country did not get the outlet after Khil raj and Prachanda made agreement. They are taking the country towards reverse direction. It has been proved that they failed to resolve the problems dogging the country. There will be no political outlet till there is agreement between ruling parties and opposition. People are not in favor of ex bureaucrat led government.

The High Level Political Committee has appealed you to come for talks without organizing bandhas and strikes, so, what is your response?

We already conducted seven rounds of talks, so, the need at the moment is to take decision rather than being indulged in speeches. The mechanism of four political parties is a conspiracy against the country and people. There should be greater political mechanism after suspending the conspiracy hatched by four political parties. The unconstitutional move of the president should be corrected.

They have been claiming that there is no alternative to this government.

This is not true there is a alternative to this government. All political forces are the alternate to this government. Whatever Prachanda saying is not correct. This is mere a government of ex-bureaucrats so there is no problem for removing it as people has power to alternate all the government. The government is not accountable towards people.

Then you will replace the government.

If the government does not correct itself then we will be compelled to take that decision.

Is your alliance with CPN-Maoist directed towards that?

No we do not have alliance with them but we will be compelled for that if the government does not correct it. We will be forced to forge alliance with any force if the government remains adamant to its action. We did not have discussion to have alliance with them.

They you are preparing even for the people’s revolt?

Not the revolt we are ready for people’s movement. If compelled we may also go for the revolt by having alliance with any force. We wish there should not be such situation but the four political parties have to correct them for that. If they do not correct, people will correct them.

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