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Pooja and Prakash controversy: Against to the decision of seven film organization

Seven film organiztion have urged not to attend the 'Rajatpat' and 'Glamor Guff' programs being conducted by journalist Subedi.
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KATHMANDU:- In the program ‘Rajatpat’ aired on AP One, journalist Prakash Subedi used inappropriate  words about the physique of an actress, which caused widespread protests. Actress Pooja Sharma has lodged a complaint with various organizations related to the film saying that the word was aimed at her. However, journalist Subedi has apologized for saying the words he should not have said.

Expressing solidarity with actress Sharma’s request, seven organizations of Nepali film have urged the filmmakers not to participate in the ‘Rajatpat’ and ‘Glamor Guff’ programs being conducted by journalist Subedi. The seven film-related organizations have urged the actor not to participate in the two programs until an agreement is reached between the two parties or the issue is resolved through law.

“In order to discourage the tendency of film, filmmakers and especially actress to make derogatory remarks and engage in violent activities, we request all filmmakers not to participate in any discussion or legal issues arising from the issues presented in ‘Rajatpat’ and ‘Glamor Guff’ programs,” the statement said.

No one has the right to humiliate anyone in the name of freedom of expression, make physical remarks and kill personal character. Nepal Film Artists Association, Nepal Film Association, Nepal Film Producers Association, Film Directors Society, Nepal Film Technical Association, Film Conflict Association and Film Dance Association have issued the joint press release.

However, the filmmakers themselves have objected to the statement issued by seven organizations expressing solidarity. Filmmaker argues that it is an unfortunate decision for the film-related organizations to ask the filmmakers not to attend the program after journalist Subedi apologized for the mistake. The filmmakers have urged to correct this decision immediately.

Saying that the decision of seven organizations was wrong, director Pradip Bhattarai wrote on Facebook, “It seems like a decision taken by one person out of anger, the decision of seven organizations.” Actress Rekha Thapa has written the status saying that prohibition leads to prohibition and boycott leads to boycott. Similarly, Rose Rana, general secretary of the Producers’ Association, said that the decision of seven organizations was unfortunate.

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