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‘Political parties need to revise principles as per time’

KATHMANDU: Political scientists have suggested the political parties that they revised their principles as per the changed context.

At a talk programme organized by the Sociological Society of Nepal (SSN) on ‘The Democracy We Aspired’ in the capital city on Friday, political analyst Prof Krishna Khanal said the political parties in Nepal were imposing politics on old thoughts.

“Communist parties are still abiding by the thoughts of Pushpa Lal, while Nepali Congress of BP Koirala,” he reminded, pointing out the need for them to internalize new thoughts as per time. New thoughts must emerge.

He argued that the political parties flouted the party policy and principles repeatedly. Any leadership doing wrong could be sidelined, he added, further arguing that defeat of party but victory of leaders does not suit the democracy.

It is not democracy when the party loses and leader wins, Prof Khanal underscored. According to him, although Nepal got democracy, it failed to establish system, thereby deferring country’s development.

Another political scientist, Hari Sharma, viewed that people should not only vote in the election bust also keep close watch on government in a democracy. “The democracy we aspired for is not the five years of silence after voting. It is the close observation of the wrongdoings of the government,” he underscored.

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