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Political parties blaming others to cover up their weaknesses: Trailokya Pratap Sen (Nepali Congress Leader)

You have fought for the democracy for decades. In which system the country is running at the moment?

Yes, I have spent four decades of my life for the democracy and democratic system. I got involved in different movements and saw establishment of democracy and republic in the country but I am no confident in which system the country is running. The country is passing through very difficult and confusing situation. It is not unnatural to encounter such problems while the country is passing through transitional phase but the question is how long we will cover up our weaknesses in the name of transition. It is quiet contrary that rather than being serious to give outlet from this transitional phase all the political forces remain indecisive.

Some say foreign forces are behind this situation do you believe?

This is only an attempt to cover up their weaknesses and indecisiveness. All the countries make various attempts and lobby for the best interest of their countries and their people, so, we should not take this exercise unnaturally. If they know foreign forces are playing in the internal affairs why don’t they oppose it? Why should they dance at the tunes of foreign forces? So, this is just an attempt to cover up things and we came to this situation only due to weaknesses and indecisiveness of our political parties.

Some Analysts say that they can see the shadow of party-less system in current government, so, what is your opinion?

It is a curse for democratic leaders like me, who were involved in all the democratic movements in last four decades. Apart from failure of the political parties I feel that the country is moving towards more difficult situation.

Political parties may not take the country towards that direction, so, who do you think is taking the country towards that direction?

No this is not by the political parties. We should not allege them in that way. If we say in general, the situation emerged due to the failure of the political parties and the country. If one good thing is displaced then it is automatically replaced by other bad thing, so, similar situation emerged in the country as well.

What should be the role of Nepali Congress and CPN-UML to bring the national politics in a right track?

We should not be too pessimistic. The political parties should not have formed such government but as they have already formed it we need to do some labor to take the state power back to the political parties. We have strong challenge but we should face it at any cost. If Nepali Congress could not take lead for this the party will move towards dissolution.

UCPN-Maoist and its chairperson have been dominating the national politics and Nepali Congress and CPN-UML appear just following them. In this context do you think it will be possible to bring the politics back into right track?

We need to understand that a party refers to the combination of leader, leadership, policy, organization and cadres, so, giving credit to only one person for the success or failure of any action will not be appropriate. In this context it is inappropriate to blame current leadership of Nepali Congress. The main thing is that Democratic Party Nepali Congress should take initiative for resolving the current political stalemate. Nepali Congress still has the power which could establish the party as the people’s party committed for democracy if the leadership issues good policies and provides appropriate responsibility to leaders. Party leadership has failed in this regard and the party seems weaker. The party is being led by a senior personality, who has created a history of sacrifice but still the party is lagging behind. He needs to evaluate current weaknesses and formulate clear strategy for the future otherwise the party may feel the need of changing his leadership.

Why do you think the government is delaying to declare the date for the constituent assembly elections?

I do not know why the government is not declaring the date of election as all have been demanding to announce the poll date soon. I think it is better to take time for declaring the date as if the election was not held on proposed date it will have negative impact. Many political parties are opposing the polls, so, should not we convince them? Otherwise what is the meaning of election? So the four major parties have to convince the opposing parties before the government announces the date for election.

It seems that in such situation the government may not hold election on November as well?

May be that will also happen. There might be some ploy not to hold the election on November as well. They say that all the actions are being taken as per the Interim Constitution but the Interim Constitution is no more. This is anarchy and the rule by powerful people. These incidents are not guided by any constitution and no one has the knowledge where will we reach by moving through this direction.

Nepali Congress splinted once and then united but people say there is still some misunderstanding between both the sides. Is it correct?

We have to unfortunately accept that there is some misunderstanding. There are some opportunities to make the party one but the party leadership failed to utilize that opportunity. Nepali congress failed to take the lesson even after enduring the pain of division of the party and realize that the party became weak after division. The leadership should incorporate all while the other side should support the party leadership but both the sides failed to do so and unfortunately the number one political force of the country is becoming weak.

Then you don’t see the future of Nepali Congress?

We could say that if the party was formed on the basis of leadership but the party is formed by the people. The party is in existence due to the efforts of peoples from grass-root level so there is no need to panic about the future of Nepali Congress. The only thing is that incapable people should not hold the leadership of the party. If people of old generation could not give new thought then they should be ready for handing over the leadership of the party to young generation. If we see the Indian Congress Party, the national congress was on the verge of collapse despite having senior leaders like Neharu and Patel among others but once they handed over the party leadership to Indira Gandhi, she united youths and made the party able to give prosperous leadership to India, so, our leaders should learn lesson from it and act accordingly.

For Indian tourists travelling by land:- 72 hours (-ve) C-19 report, CCMC form and Antigen Test at entry point

For Indian tourists travelling by land:- 72 hours (-ve) C-19 report, CCMC form and Antigen Test at entry point

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Information for Indian tourists travelling by land:- 72 hours (-) C-19 report, CCMC form and Antigen Test at entry point
Information for Indian tourists travelling by land:- 72 hours (-) C-19 report, CCMC form and Antigen Test at entry point
Information for Indian tourists travelling by land:- 72 hours (-) C-19 report, CCMC form and Antigen Test at entry point